Pros And Cons Of Fossil Smartwatch

Are you wondering about the pros and cons of Fossil Smartwatch?  Well, here is the comprehensive list of advantages and disadvantages that you will need to consider carefully before laying your hands on FOSSIL Smartwatch. 

Fossil smartwatches are designed with the latest technology to live life connected without sacrificing style. Let us start with the advantages: 

Pro : Supports Google Pay 

Fossil’s latest Smartwatches are equipped with built-in NFC chip that support Google pay. That means you don’t have to carry cash or credit card or even mobile phone with you. Because Fossil Smartwatch software lets you pay wherever contact less and online payments are accepted. 

Pro: Hardware Design 

Fossil Smartwatches are ultra light weight featuring a circular watch face with 1.3 inch touchscreen AMOLED display and three physical buttons on the side of the body. 

  • The First On Crown Button: act as a shortcut to launch the Voice assistant. 
  • Remaining two buttons are for quick access to selected apps. 

These watches are available in many colors and swappable watch straps(22mm) that are made up of different quality material. 

(dark brown/blush leather, rose gold/ smoke stainless steel, black/ light blue silicone etc.) Pro : Wear OS Application and Untethered GPS 

It has Google Assistant which provides quick access to information by google. You can sync your google calendar to your watch and receive reminders when you need them. You also get Google fit which is smart health coaching for better health and being active. 

Built-in GPS feature is there as well, that means you are not going to need your phone to navigate your trajectory and running distance if you go out for a bit of a run. 

Pro : Processor 

Qualcomm’s snapdragon 3100 processor powers the watch backed by 1 GB of RAM. 8 GB of storage is packed into this to provide plenty of space for apps and music. So you need not to worry about your phone. Simply, carry your smartwatch and listen to the music that you have stored earlier.

Pro: Built-in WIFI and Highly Customizable Watch Dial 

Fossil newest Smartwatches facilitate built-in WIFI. So you can download new apps without using your phones. 

You get a massive selection of watch faces as well. It has multiple pre-loaded options from functional affairs to more stylish efforts and in some of them you can even add your pictures from social media. 

Pro: Durability 

The Fossil Smartwatch is swim proof, dustproof and waterproof. It is water resistant to a depth of 3 ATM or around 30 mts. It means you can safely use this watch while swimming or get wet in rain and nothing will happen to your watch. 

Pro: Heart Rate and Activity Tracking 

The Google Fit features a truly automatic heart rate monitor which can automatically count your steps, track your distance travelled and calories burned and keeps you posted 24 hours a day. It provides multiple selection of activities or workouts, everything from circuit training to boxing, 

calisthenics etc. Google fit takes an estimate of your activity, gender, weight and height to calculate how many calories you burned. 

Pro: Compatibility 

The latest Fossil Smartwatch is compatible with 

➔ Android OS 6.0+ (excluding Go edition) 

➔ iOS 10+ 

➔ All devices have Bluetooth® 4.2 Low Energy 

➔ Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 

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Pro: Battery Life 

Fossil Smartwatch promises 24 hours of battery life on its default settings. One of the other new features on the latest Fossil Smartwatch is the “smart battery saving mode” that can surely increase the battery life of your watch. 

You have 4 battery modes: 

  1. Daily mode:It enables most functions and offers 1 day battery life.
  2. Extended mode: It enables essential functions during active hours which can extend battery life for one more day.
  3. Custom mode: it enables the user to turn on and off system settings according to their requirements.
  4. Time only mode: it consists of basic watch functions.It won’t show any notifications and will work like a simple watch that tells only time and lasts for weeks. You can use this mode when you don’t have a charger around or it automatically activates when battery level gets very low.

Pro: Speaker Performance 

Latest Fossil Smartwatches have built-in speakers and microphone which is great. You can make or answer tethered phone calls or you can actually get voice activated feedback from google assistant as long as it is connected to your phone’s bluetooth. You can control your music player from your watch, such as adjusting volume and lineup next song 

Pro: Tiles 

Wear OS User Interface has developed a new feature called ‘tiles’ which lets you swipe through a series of informational screens related to forecast, headlines, timer, heart rate and next event. But as of now it is limited to google’s own features. 

Pro: Instant Notifications 

All the phone notifications like whatsapp, instagram, facebook, call, SMS and other notifications like weather updates are available and visible on your fossil smartwatch. Apart from viewing the message, you can also reply to that message either with a smart suggestion or type using a full QWERTY keyboard. 

Let’s now dive into Fossil Smartwatch disadvantages. 

Con: Limited Battery Life 

You have to charge your device everyday. If you forget to charge your device at the end of the day, you will have the dead watch next morning. Although Wear OS does provide low power

mode which can extend the battery life but noone is going to spend so much money to buy a smartwatch and use it on low power mode. 

Con: Complicated Battery Settings 

Fossil latest Smartwatches offers a very complicated series of battery options. Inside the battery settings there are literally dozens of options and the user ends up constantly trying to adjust between the checkboxes. 

Con: Speaker Issues 

Although you can get vocal responses to queries you ask the Google Assistant but the external speaker isn’t the best sounding and it does have some distortions if you listen to it carefully. To experience better call quality you need to have your phone in close proximity. 

Con: Sleep Tracker 

As of now Google Fit does not allow the facility of keeping the score of sleep. But in further updates we may expect some of the new features like sleep monitor tracking and cardiovascular fitness tracking. 

Con: Display Issues 

The brightness option at the automatic or max level is best for indoors. However, outdoors, it can be a struggle to see in direct sunlight.

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