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Pros and Cons of Camping in a Recreational Vehicle

Maybe every kid dreams about a house on wheels in which it’s possible to live and at the same time travel. Many adult people fulfilled this dream and became owners of «transportable» houses or, in other words, recreational vehicles. In these huge cars it’s possible to live with all the amenities and at the same time go to nature and thus go camping anytime you want.

But it’s too early to think that it’s the best way to camp and the best investment to make. Camping in an RV has its downsides and in this article are considered both advantages and shortcomings of RV camping. 

Though, with pop up winter tents for camping for snow and cold it’s likely you won’t feel any need in camping with an RV.

RV camping pros

Surely, living in your own rolling home must be of a ton of pluses.


With your own home on wheels, you have the opportunity to go wherever and whenever you want without any obstacles. For instance, you can get irritated with the weather which is in the territory you’re currently staying in. If you live in an RV, you can simply drive to a different location with better weather. If you want your tent to stand more confidently without soaking any water, it’s a tent footprint purpose

Of course, RVs are not equally moveable. Big machines are tougher in driving. The most moveable RVs are of smaller sizes, such as minivans.

Cost-effective lifestyle 

Living in an RV can cost you sufficiently less as you won’t need to pay for rent or mortgage or amenities. All you will need to pay for our fuel and campgrounds which you can also save on. 

For example, your expenses for fuel will become smaller if you move between campgrounds less often and if the campsites are closer to each other. You can save on campsites as well if you become a member of an RV club: just plan your camping ahead.

Living comfortably in an RV cost mostly $1800-$3500 a month which is quite economical.

The comforts of your home are with you

This can make it simply the best way to travel and camp. You have all the comforts of your home with you, always available in your RV. Simply because this vehicle is your home. 

This circumstance makes your travel maximally comfortable due to you don’t need to pack anything anymore, nor cooking not in your kitchen, nor sleep in someone else’s bed.

Nature gets closer

When you live in your minivan or other kind of recreational vehicle, there is no wall between you and nature anymore. Because there are no barriers between you and nature, you can be in its environment for as long as you want.

If you want to know more about the benefits of being closer to nature, read The positive effects of being close to nature – The Moment is Now

With ecology in mind

Life in an RV is way eco-friendlier than the traditional one. For example, when your space is critically downsized, you cannot afford storing lots of cleaning supplies and you have to to seek for reusable cleaning solutions. Minimizing waste also becomes the top priority, as well as conserving water. To get informed on conscious lifestyle habits refer to 9 conscious living habits for a better you and a better world | Man Body Spirit

More freedom 

When you don’t have to pay anyone a rent and live in your own home, it means that you can live by your own rules. For example, you can take your pets on-board too and travel with them joyfully.

With an RV, you have definitely more freedom than any average person, simply because you can move your home anywhere whenever you want.

New experiences

Finally, you can use your RV to discover new places and meet new people. With the home on wheels, you are free to move wherever you want, have adventures you will remember about till the end of your life. It can be said that in an RV, you definitely live a brighter life than you did before.

Cons of living in an RV

Surely living in a recreational vehicle cannot be of advantages only and has certain serious downsides you should always keep in mind.

Too little space

Firstly, negatives of living in an RV are about the space, which is critically downsized compared to normal houses. Living in such a small living space means using it for multiple purposes. For example, having a very small kitchen, the smallest possible wardrobe. This strict minimalism may fit not everyone and many people can experience serious difficulties, as such shortage of space also means that you won’t be able to store all your things and will have to get rid of part of them.

Dependency on weather conditions

In contrast to a normal house, a home on wheels cannot stay against bad weather conditions so firmly. Thus, weather has more influence on everyday life in an RV than in a normal home. The reason is in light weight of homes on wheels and the absence of fundament. Because of this, tornadoes and snowstorms may be a real disaster for such homes, and the pipes inside with water reservoirs can get frozen because of the cold weather.

Costly technical maintenance

As every car, your recreational vehicle requires regular maintenance to not get caught by surprise in adverse conditions. Technical maintenance can be quite costly and not fit your budget. The costliest maintenance is for RVs or A class.

Depreciation of the vehicle

Unfortunately, as any other car, a recreational vehicle loses its value with time, and it cannot be considered as a financial investment such as a normal house.


RVs are great for camping and can even be considered as the replacement to a normal house. All the amenities you will ever need are all the time with you, as well as the most necessary furniture. Thus, RV camping is a great alternative to tent camping and can even be considered as a sort of glamping because camping in it is very comfortable.

However, life in an RV is not for everyone in terms of everyday life. Though, in theory it’s possible to live in the vehicle ll the time, it has serious restrictions in terms of available space. If you choose this lifestyle, you will also need to watch your waste and lead eco-friendly and more conscious life which is not easy for everyone.

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