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Proprietary AI Technology Set to Revolutionize The Digital Marketing Space

Brand Accelerator and Entrepreneur, Nick Von, is innovating the marketing industry with AI technology designed to boost revenue. 

Nick Von

Beyond a memorable logo, good branding helps to increase the value of a company. It can provide employees with direction and motivation and makes acquiring new customers easier. Nick Von, a veritable prodigy in the e-commerce and brand accelerator space, is the founder of, a full-suite digital firm specializing in email marketing for e-commerce. The young entrepreneur made a name as a brand accelerator who helps companies to grow their revenue and sell their equity to interested parties. 

Taking e-mail automation to new heights

As a teenager, Nick Von, founded his first start-up which was later acquired for an impressive $18 million, enabling the entrepreneur to financially back his ideas. His latest idea has brought Inbox Profits to life. The company makes use of a “bulletproof email strategy”, helping e-commerce stores and digital product funnels generate higher profits per sale and can reportedly increase revenue by 15 – 35%. All this with zero ad-spend. 

“Typically we can see a 5-10% increase in revenue within just the first day after onboarding. We can then scale you to 15-35% revenue within the first 30 days after onboarding.” Nick Von announced on his company website. The company aims to free up precious time entrepreneurs spend on emails, while bolstering the bottom line. The agency takes the stance of viewing clients as partners. 

Working with big and small companies the company states that if you are generating at least $50k per month in sales, it is possible to see a notable boost in sales through Inbox Profits. The company is not limited to the digital realm alone and works with brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants as well. 

Dropshippers and inventory based e-commerce brands are welcomed, as Inbox Profits aim to help create a predictable revenue stream as well as building a community around client brands with tailored plans. Among the services that Inbox Profits provides, SMS campaigns could help to ensure that companies see a favourable ROI. Segmentation helps marketers to be more efficient in terms of time, money and resource use and as Nick states: “Don’t sell cat food to dog owners, it won’t work. Every email sent by us is tailored for the right consumer. This reduces unsubscribe rates and increases conversions.” 

The company performs A/B split tests on every email, on a weekly basis. This provides a framework to not only continually improve and scale a campaign, but also helps to find the perfect combinations that potential customers would likely engage with. 

Finding a Niche: From Minecraft to Celebrities

At 21 years old, Nick Von, already boasts an impressive decade of experience in the business world. Equipped with a talent that can scale companies and brands exponentially and quickly, readers might find it surprising to learn that Nick’s success story started when he was only eleven years old. He started out by programming servers in the game Minecraft, a game which has reached cult levels of popularity since its inception. 

Showing no signs of slowing down, Nick went from trading in high school to creating software. He developed a keen interest in entrepreneurship which saw him start an ecommerce business with a friend, which was later sold for a handsome sum. Developing a passion for brand acceleration and revenue generation, Nick created The agency focussed on monetization, product development and marketing strategy while trying to maximize the potential of brands and preparing them for acquisition. Within a short span of time the agency hit many promising milestones and worked with esteemed brands and personalities, generating more than $50 million in e-commerce sales. 

In Summary

The ecommerce space has grown considerably over the last few years, giving rise to many entrepreneurs. To achieve success in this highly competitive industry one needs to be knowledgeable, determined and passionate about the industry. Having dropped out of high school, Nick recognized his capability of running his own business. He soon found himself in Los Angeles for a meeting and has been working to revolutionize the digital marketing space ever since. 

It has become imperative for businesses and firms to make their presence known on the digital front as well as the ecommerce space. With the help of professionals like Nick Von this process has become a lot easier.

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