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Proper roof insulation ensures that your home remains comfortable throughout the year!


We all know how the roof protects us from the changing weather and adds to the house’s overall appearance. Today, we will discuss some exciting ways you can make the most of your roof. Are you wondering how that is possible? Read on to know more.

  • Grow a roof garden

Before you opt for a roof garden, ensure that there is an ample amount of space. One viable way to keep the rooftop cool is to grow the roof garden with potted plants and green grass. The green rooftop shades the structure from direct rays of the sun while the mud in the potted plant absorbs the heat, which hits the rooftop. Moreover, your roof must be adequately waterproofed, preventing any water seepage that may cause severe damage.

  • Paint your terrace white

Yes, color has a relation with heat absorption. Heat gain may be considerably limited by turning your roof into a reflective surface. So how will you do that?

You may paint a concrete floor with roof paints of a cool shade. The coating provides decent thermal insulation when it reflects the sun’s rays and keeps the indoors cool. There are distinct categories of paints available for this, and different brands develop new solutions.

Cost-effective means to keep the rooftop cool in the summer is to coat the floor with lime wash. These are locally available and do not cost too much when you work with this rooferHowever, there is one drawback. When you use the lime wash, it might get washed away in the monsoon season. Hence, you have to reapply the same when the summer approaches.

You may install porcelain tiles or white ceramic on the rooftop for permanent solutions. It is one of the cost-effective and efficient means to reduce temperature.

  • Add shade

The rooftop slab from concrete is a dense material that retains heat for an extended period and transfers the same. The temperature may reduce when you create shade on the roof since the shaded region is colder than the surrounding. You may go for high walls along the roof perimeter because it’s a valuable means to shade the rooftop. You might also introduce design and other features like creepers with pergolas to bring in some shade.

When you make provisions for semi-permanent structures, pay attention to the layout. Remember that shading the rooftop is a cost-effective and long-lasting means that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also reduces the temperature to a considerable level. Another means to reduce the rooftop temperature is by spreading damp straw bundles and plastic sheets on the area. You can sprinkle water to keep the roof cool.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with a professional roofer to make a difference to your roof. Make sure that you hire a reliable and trustworthy roofer for the job. If you have any queries, you can always discuss them with the experts. They will clear all your doubts and will guide you through the entire process.

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