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Promoting Innovation in the GCC Region with the sponsorship of 1.000.000 AED – M.G.V Technologies

In today’s paced world of technology, innovation and collaboration are key to achieving success. M.G.V Technology is a company that fully embraces this mindset and actively supports the growth in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. By committing 1 million AED M.G.V Technologies has become a prominent sponsor of the Swiss Business Council and several tech events in the GCC region aiming to foster the expansion and advancement of the tech community throughout 2023 and 2024.

Through this analysis we shed light on M.G.V Technologies’ significant contributions to the IT landscape in the GCC region. We highlight their sponsorship programs, their association with the Swiss Business Council well as emphasize how their monetary support plays a vital role in promoting innovation and facilitating information sharing.

M.G.V Technologies; Driving Innovation in Metaverse sector

Recognized as a leading technology company operating within the GCC region M.G.V Technologies has consistently been at the forefront of promoting innovation and embracing Metaverse technologies. Their ultimate objective is to empower large corporations through advancements showcasing their unwavering commitment to cultivating an environment that makes the Metaverse technology easily accessible. 

Development of complex Metaverse environments and Digital Twins for simulation of long term environmental impact on monuments and buildings are just a few examples of large IT projects that M.G.V Technologies has successfully completed. They are showing a strong growth with a net profit of 11.5 Million USD for January – July 2023. With an inhouse team of 120+ employees which is set to go up 500 within 18 months and a vast network of freelancers M.G.V Technologies is set to become a strong market leader in the GCC region.

M.G.V Technologies has achieved recognition through its sponsorship of the Swiss Business Council (SBC) in the GCC region. The SBC plays a role in facilitating trade and fostering economic ties between Switzerland and the countries within the GCC region. By joining forces with the SBC M.G.V Technologies demonstrates its dedication to fostering collaboration and establishing business connections, with Switzerland.

Through their support for the Swiss Business Council M.G.V Technologies gains access to a network of influential business professionals and decision makers from Switzerland and the GCC region. This allows them to expand their influence, forge beneficial partnerships and explore opportunities for investment and innovation. Furthermore M.G.V Technologies actively contributes to enhancing business ties, between Switzerland and the GCC region by sponsoring the Swiss Business Council. This creates an environment that encourages knowledge sharing, cultural learning and adopting best practices from both regions.

Companies in the GCC region benefit from technologies and management practices of Switzerland while Swiss enterprises gain valuable insights into the strong growth of the GCC market.

Supporting Activities in the GCC Region

Throughout 2023 and 2024 M.G.V Technologies will sponsor various tech events across the GCC region alongside their affiliation with the Swiss Business Council with up to 1 Million AED in total. These events cover an array of subjects such as blockchain, cybersecurity, cloud computing and more. Through these sponsorships M.G.V technology aims to facilitate information exchange networking opportunities and exposure to cutting edge trends and technologies within the tech industry.

Impact on the Tech Sector

For startups and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in the GCC region and beyond M.G.V Technologies sponsorship has been truly transformative providing exposure to cutting edge technologies and best practices. Many of these businesses have experienced outcomes through relationships, mentorship and collaborative efforts that have emerged from sponsored events.

By sponsoring programs M.G.V Technologies has established itself as a key player within the local tech ecosystem. Their partnerships with organizations such as the Swiss Business Council and involvement in significant IT events have greatly enhanced their brand reputation. 

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