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Proliferating Demands for Commercial and Industrial Robots Bring New Expertise in Robot Operating System Market

To call robot operating system (ROS) an operation system made and synchronized for robotics won’t be far off the mark. Technically, ROS sits atop Linux Ubuntu. A number of software developers who had work alongside roboticists have come to attach high significance to this typically open source software. Over the past few years, the ROS market has evolved at a strikingly remarkable pace. The contours have been broadly shaped by two concerns: expansion of robots service sector worldwide, and the growing need for expertise for robotics. Each of these is a vast canvas where both emerging players and established are building their fortunes.

ROS Breeds Flexibility for Roboticists

The sheer pace of industrial automation is a key enabler and accelerant for the proliferating demands for commercial and industrial robots world over. Subsequently, this has spurred constant advancements in the electronics and the hardware components on one hand while on the other driven the need for tailor-made software. In a way, pairing hardware with a different software architecture each time is capital intensive. More so, it may lose steam if there is a lack of software developers who want to upskill in this direction, which has been the case. The ROS has enabled roboticists and developers marked flexibility and overcome these constraints.

The vast capabilities in the robot operating system market is evident from the projection that analysts at TMR have made. The valuation is estimated to reach US$ 438.0 Mn by 2027-end.

Prominent Players Expanding their AI Capabilities

Rise in investments in robotic projects is a key trend engendering growth in the ROS market. A growing number of robotics research undertaken by software developers has unlocked new avenues in the approaches for developing and applying ROS. Heavyweights in automation such as ABB and iRobot Corporation have been relentlessly working to their AI capabilities and expand their machine learning tools in their arsenal. This has enabled them to come out with new libraries for robotics, and meet the demands for next-gen demand for robotics for industrial as well commercial use. Thus, the ROS market will make substantial strides from the lucrative avenues commercial robotics have seen in recent years.

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Technology stalwarts such as Amazon put tall hopes on the emerging opportunities in the ROS market. Amazon for one is using ROS to boost machine learning tools for its developers. They are testing this in car racing by making DeepRacer device software to open software.

Growing Focus on Robotic Process Automation Adds Momentum

Strides being made in IoT and smart cities will propel the deployment of commercial robots. The rate will be rapid especially in developing world countries, notably Asia Pacific. Automation in logistics and warehouses are eagerly being sought by industry stakeholders in recent years. Countries at the forefront of the trend are China, India, The Republic of Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. Growing use of robotics for elderly care and healthcare settings is a key trend bolstering the prospects in the ROS market. Thus, the need for better APIs has kept ROS developers busy with work. The market has also benefitted from the growing demand for service robots in various industries.

The intense focus on robotic process automation in developing economies is one of the key trend bolstering new avenues for players in the market. Another factor that is making a huge impact in the expanding arena of green computing and green data centers. Cloud service providers are keen on muscling their way to emerging demands among enterprises. This has spurred them to expand at their data center infrastructure.

The fabric of ROS is thus expected to expand with the transformation in robotics, thus the demands and applications are likely progress at frenetic pace. In the next few years, the ROS market is likely to see spate of opportunities in the increasing trend of developing customized products.

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