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Headquartered in Singapore, PSR is managed and founded by a crypto-savvy team with a diverse background and vast experience in key areas of Business Management, Digital Marketing, VC Fundraising, Software & Tech Development, and Community, and Influencer Management.

The management team is aided by an excellent advisory team comprised of seasoned, experienced professionals in their respective fields.

The ProjectStarter platform is powered by its own in-house, blockchain, tech, and market development team.

Early in 2022, the ProjectStarter team raised its initial round privately with its investors that included

Sunova Capital Group

One Unify

TMR Media

Gang TV Media

Encore Muay Thai Fitness

Refresh Wellness

Elon X Tech

Flash Concepts

Luxury Sensation Group

Outreaching Platform

In addition, the ProjectStarter team also works closely with Legatus-Global, a MAS Payment Service PSA Exemption company, on compliance and regulatory issues in the crypto space.

At the point of this news release, ProjectStarter is in the midst of its Seed (VC) Round fundraising, and, surprisingly, it attracted an overwhelming response of more than 20 VC investments.

A significant proportion of the funds raised were from the Traditional Investors (SMEs), possibly due to the real-world utilization appeal of the ProjectStarter “Crypto Hub” Platform, seeing their investment in this Seed Round as their first foray into the crypto space.

Many of these Traditional SMEs see this as a great opportunity to digitally transform their business models through Tokenization and “NFT-fication”

The ProjectStarterCrypto Hub” has the technical and marketing expertise to guide them on this journey, providing advisory and consultancy, nurturing these traditional businesses to eventually launch their own crypto projects successfully.

More information: ProjectStarter

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