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Project X | Generating Autonomous Returns For Existing Token Holders and Empowering People

FRANKFURT, GERMANY / June 2, 2021 / Project X leverages a frictionless and auto-staking yield generation to create an automated income stream for the users powered by the transactions. Since every transaction is taxed, some part of the tax is redistributed among the existing holders, while the rest is locked in a pool. As a novel to give back to the community, Project-X also runs a charity, aimed at helping the crypto minorities and people unaware about the technology with intelligence and hardware.

The differences behind various cryptocurrency networks are spearheaded by two different aspects, the features/functions and the team’s passion behind creating the platform. X-Token is unique in both the respect as it provides multiple features and associated benefits, as well as a mission to educate and empower the people who are not digitally mature, and are deprived of access to computers and the internet.

X-Token is a frictionless crypto coin working in its yield generating structure, and the tokens earned from the platform can be transacted on different dApps. It has a static reward system, where 10% of every transaction is taken out and used for two different purposes.

5% is distributed among the existing token holders, and the other 5% is used to fuel the liquidity pool resting on PanCakeSwap. The tokens are permanently locked in the liquidity, which gradually reduces the total supply, stimulating a price increase. The rewards given to the existing holders translate to a system that generates income for the users of X-Token.

Community-First and Charity Driven Ecosystem

The community takes every decision on Project X-Token. So, the decisions like increasing or decreasing the transaction tax, deciding the fees, and contributions to the liquidity pool will be determined by the community. The users will vote in a poll created for this purpose, and only the users holding X-Token will be able to vote.

As for the charity part, the platform will earn from the dApps and finance its operations. 2.5% of these earnings will go towards charity and will be donated. The ways and means of donations along with the organizations that will receive this charity are not shared yet.

The motive of creating this charity is to ensure that everyone leverages the benefits of decentralized cryptocurrencies. Because, as of now, a limited number of users, especially hailing from the developed nations having access to the internet high-performance hardware are currently able to deal in cryptocurrencies. This creates a digital divide restricting some people from leveraging the myriad of benefits of dealing with cryptocurrencies.

But inaccessibility to the digital peripherals does not allow the minorities to get those benefits. Hence Project X-Token will share their earnings to provide education, hardware, and the required knowledge with such groups.

Assuring Better Security of Project X-Token

X-Token has a preliminary design that is meant to make it more secure and a healthy project. Its autonomous and community-driven decision-making functions are aimed at securing the users.

The locked liquidity on PanCakeSwap and the DEV Tokens are also locked for one year. This is done to build confidence among the user community that there won’t be a rug pull.

About Project X-Token

Project X-Token is built to provide maximum benefits of the crypto transaction to the existing users and to those who are deprived of the hardware and knowledge. X-Token works as a decentralized, community-driven, and frictionless token with locked liquidity for better security. Project X-Token creates a pre-eminent system to ensure that every transaction reaps benefits for the existing holders and a community outside the crypto net.

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