A Project Overview of Setcoin Alternative Digital Currency

Powering the hugely popular Inserviss platform, Setcoin Alternative Digital Currency reduces your tension of paying for services with your regular cash or credit card. Thanks to the project by the Inserviss, this is now a possiblility.


Inserviss is a commerce platform, which connects people with everyday service business like hair salons, doctors, lawyers etc. with potential clients. A brainchild of the Perepelychnaya couple, Igor and Elena set up a business model where people who seek everyday services could find professionals near them and engage after discussing the complete services package and rates. Are you in need of a dental check up and are not sure which dentist to set up your appointment with? This platform will not only tell you the nearest dentist that will do your teeth, but even guide you there!


Using a modified form of blockchain, Setcoin Alternative Digital Currency relies on Red Belly Blockchain Consensus that is more secure and transparent than the one used by major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Not only that the RBBC is one of the fastest when it comes to writing secure data in the blocks. This allows for increased number of transactions that are smaller in quantity in a very small amount of time. Compared to Bitcoin, which does only a few transactions a second, RBBC allows for more than fifty thousand transactions a second!


Since the platform is not a new comer and has been working for years, you can be sure that this is not just another coin that will fail in the market. The coins can be picked up the cheapest at a rate of 1 BTC to 100,000 SET from February onwards. As the ICO continues, and when it will eventually finish, the value is sure to rise, as it will replace all fiat on the platform. The team has a well-planned distributed budget. They have even set up a reserve fund of the coins to tackle any financial issues that can be faced in the future.

A unique feature of Setcoin Alternative Digital Currency is that it uses such a low fee that you can practically call it a zero commission trade. The Coin will be available through the Waves digital exchange. It would be wise to register now as the verification process takes time.

Our Take

SetCoin is one ICO you do not want to miss. Not only will the value increase, you can get good deals on services like a haircut or a doctor’s appointment if you were to utilize the token on the platform.

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