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ProfitLens Review + Special Bonuses With OTO Details | Is it Really Legit in 2023?

ProfitLens Review

The ProfitLens is an Ai-based technological system that uses certain commands and instructions to create automated graphic designs. This Ai tool has the power to change any imaginative design into a reality-based image on a specific surface of a material.

Here in this article, we will be reviewing all the amazing features and functions that these special Ai tools perform. Moreover, we’ll also share our experience of using these tools for creating high-quality, durable, and attractive designs.

But before we start it is essential to know that these unique artificial intelligence-based tools have a backstory. So, we will start this article by explaining the production, manufacturers, and functions of this tool.


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Who created the ProfitLens Ai Tool?

These Ai tools were first launched in the global artificial intelligence market on 18 Jan 2023 which makes them a newly manufactured tool. This ProfitLens was made by Radu and his fellow experience marketers Mike and Calin.

They created this amazing Ai tool for all professionals and beginners in this design field. With just one click with inserted information, all the designs were created with 100% perfection on the main materials.

ProfitLens Preview

Since the time they are released in the market, all the designing enthusiast are trying their best to buy these $17 online Ai platforms for quick, efficient, and accurate designing tasks for both home and office activities.

How does the ProfitLens Tool work?

This amazing Ai tool is one of the simplest programs that we have ever used. We were one of the first members of this group to buy and use these special and unique graphic productive automatic tools. Here are the main 3 steps on which these cloud software work on.

1. Log in to the Tools

The first step is to log in with the basic information in these cloud-based Ai software programs. To get access to all their amazing features and functions, you have to prove to the system that you are not a Robot.

After this, you have to take a short tour of these programs to find out their incredible performing factors. Then, you can easily create multiple style designs and then print them on your favorite materials.

2. Insert your information

In the second step, you have fed all basic and major information regarding the designs that you want to make in these software tools. Moreover, you can also add images and other format designs to guide this Ai application to produce the best-quality detailed designs.

Once the information is saved by these tools, you still have the chance tomake the rightful changes in these designs before you fully design them. Now, it is up to this ProfitLens tool to perform its actions.

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3. Producing Designs

After every detail is attained by these special software programs, you just have to rest now. As it would create the perfect graphic-based designs in front of your eyes on the screens.

By choosing the color, shapes, and designs you can easily create several designs and then choose the best one from them. Thus, at this point, your design will be fully ready, and we are sure that you would be amazed by the pace, accuracy, and perfection of these Ai tools.

Features of the ProfitLens Ai Tool:

There are numerous key features that these amazing and versatile automatic Ai tools provide to the users. Here are some of the best features that we have experienced using these programs.

1. Design Styles & Mediums

The first major feature that we loved about these tools is that they allowed us to create designs in multiple designs and patterns. Just like the Turbolists program, they also involve 13 major design distinct styles which include the use of Vector lines, Pixels, Vintage, and many more.

Moreover, talking about the medium design options, such tools allowed us to mix two or more image designs to create something new and more Attractive. In these programs, we have used medium designs like the Pencil sketches, Oil Painting, Charcoal, and pastel crayon to create images.

2. Mood Selection

Well, this is the biggest reason that we have spent our money on these Ai tools. We think that no other Ai program can provide feeling-based graphic designs chosen by the user.

But, in this case, you can select more than 19 moods for your designs through the roll-up menu. From this incredible Ai feature, we created all moody designed images like joyful, depressed, sad, ill, Dull, Hostile, Dramatic, Dynamic, and many others to express our feelings in such designs.

3. Fast Design production


As we have earlier that these special Ai tools perform their actions with pace, accuracy, and perfection on the correct information. By using them for a while, we discovered that for each design the users only can use 9 main keywords in the designed images.


Therefore, we had to be quite careful in providing the tool with the major information at first. Then, after the design is created within seconds, we can easily add more sharp details in the designed images to make it look more attractive, aesthetic, and elegant.

4. Tool Assistance

Unlike other Ai or paid tools, these software programs provide their full assistance to the users in terms of creating perfect-quality designs. As we have noticed that all the designs are automatically saved in the history of these tools which can later be edited easily.

Moreover, such tools also provide the users with like and dislike buttons to get their responses and reviews as well. We loved this feature and always preferred reviewing the designs, so, that the next time the minor errors produced by such programs can be removed.

5. Simple image downloading

Since you have created the designs, you just have to click on the save and download button in these tools. We always selected the PNG format for easy editing, later on, to update the designs furthermore.

Moreover, these tools are connectable to all other devices through wireless connection options. Take advantage of your mobile phones to create these automatic designs at your leisure.

6. Aspects of Use

Last but not least, we have used these amazing Ai tools to create images for all business and advertisement purposes. It was quite easy for us to choose the image platform according to the social media field such as for which the design is created and then printed on multiple materials.

It would be best to use these special Ai programs to create deeply designed images for Real estate, Stock images, Cartoon Avatars, Hotels, Restaurants, and other business activities.

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What does the ProfitLens Tool Offer?

By spending only $17 on these amazing Ai tools, you will get the best and most sharply detailed images. Moreover, you will also get the support of the White Glove system that produced this technology.

Not only that, this software will allow you to explore all the features and functions present in it with correct instructions. The Blazing fast hostings and Free SSL encryption are also included in their functionality. In the end, it will perform all the hard tasks for you in no time with accuracy and perfection.

Basic vs Free Form Mode in ProfitLens Ai Tool:

There are no major differences between the basic and free-form modes in these tools except for the design production. In the basic mode, the users are often guided through the menu options with a limitation of 400 characters in the main keyword box to create designed images.

On the other hand, the free-form mode is often used by the professionals of this Ai software. In this mode, there is no assistance and the users have to help themselves by using the features and giving the correct information to the tool. However, the word count is the same in both modes.

Another major thing that separates these two versatile modes is their design value. As in basic mode, only a single design is produced with the best features and users have to select it. But, in free mode, 4 major designs are created with multiple designs and values depending on the user’s choice.

These modes are also available on the best alternatives of these amazing and versatile ProfitLens Ai tools. Such alternatives include Graiphics and Synthesys Visual image generator. Make sure to also try them out as well to create automatic high-quality Ai-designed images.

What do you get from the ProfitLens Ai Program?

Here are the major benefits and other things that you would get easily by using these special Ai-based graphic designing tools.


  • Detailed user training
  • 24/7 web support
  • 4k resolution
  • Pro level features
  • No limitations
  • Versatile video players
  • Easy setup & Downloading
  • Numerous size formats
  • Auto-fast design production

Organization advantages:

  • Auto backup
  • Personal support
  • Outsource license
  • Easy cloud storage
  • ProfitLens store production
  • Copyright & Traffic protections


  • Dept affiliate marketing training
  • SEO-optimized DFY product reviews
  • Increases the design quality to 5x


  • 100% Across The Funnel Commissions!
  • Marketing Pages
  • Sales Videos & Members Area
  • 7 Figure Instagram Messages
  • Product Tech & Customer Support included


  • Free Software & Training!
  • Free Whitelabel Software To Sell!
  • Free 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions With 7-Figure Marketer! 
  • Video Marketing Software included

Prices & Upsells:

  • Front End ($17)
  • Front End DS ($15)
  • PRO ($36)
  • PRO-DS ($27)
  • DFY ($36)
  • DFY DS ($26)
  • Reseller ($197)
  • Reseller DS ($97)
  • IMX ($97)
  • IMX DS ($67)


  • Premium CommisionFunnels
  • Premium Affilisites
  • Giveaway bonuses
  • Commission pages
  • Movie Volt
  • Other bonuses

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Final Verdict:

The ProfitLens Ai tool is an excellent choice for users to create high-quality automatic graphic designs. These software programs are generally made for both professionals and armatures in this designing field.

These Ai tools are responsible to produce 3D images with multiple formats with accurate colors along with pace, efficiency, and perfection. The users can easily trust these programs by assisting them with the major useful information on the given insertion menu.

In the end, we hope that you would like the information that we have provided you through this article. So, be sure to invest in these special Ai tools as soon as possible for accurate automatic printing activities. 

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