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Professional Scrum Master vs Certified Scrum Master

Agile as well as Scrum are the hottest trending topics of the moment. Most IT-based companies and businesses prefer hiring people comfortable with the fundamentals and concepts of the Scrum framework and the applications. Scrum is a term used to describe an agile framework utilized to finish complex projects. It was developed to facilitate software development but can be utilized in any other task to make quick decisions using the agile methodologies.

There are many opportunities for those who can apply Scrum and agile practices in challenging circumstances. The need for certified agile scrum specialists is increasing. CSM and PSM can be described as two distinct types of certifications for scrum masters. Many individuals are discussing CSM and PSM. Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Professional Scrum Master (PSM). Both PSM as well as CSM certificates, are built on Scrum as well as by reckoned organizations.

The Scrum Masters serve as servant-leaders who guide the Scrum Developers and provide them with any way to reach their goals throughout the Sprint. The Developers are responsible for their work in developing and improving the quality of their product through developing improvements and features relevant to the product. Instructing these teams to progress continuously is the responsibility of a skilled Scrum master. Since the performance of team members is a reflection of the product they are developing and marketing, it is crucial to observe the developers and help the team through any issues they may encounter while working. Therefore, the Scrum Master’s job is demanding but rewarding, requiring numerous soft and hard abilities to master.

To be a great Scrum master, the certification is not only imp; they should also practice healthy behaviour. 

Do you know what are two behaviors of an effective scrum master?

The most important thing for anyone seeking to become a Scrum Master is which one to select between the certified Scrum Master or The Professional Scrum Master. Both are distinctive in their way and have been designed to meet the requirements of the candidate’s employer. We will discuss these CSM and the PSM courses in detail and examine them concerning different conditions.

Certified Scrum Master Certification(CSM)

Certified Scrum Master certification (CSM) is the most basic and sought-after course within the Scrum Framework. CSM is the initial Scrum Master certification and is recognized internationally. A lot of candidates who join agile organizations in the role of Scrum Masters have mostly obtained the CSM certification. The CSM course provides the education to the prospective candidate that will help members of the Scrum Team perform at their best. The certification guides you through the Scrum Framework and the Scrum Framework’s concepts and practices of Scrum. Participants gain more knowledge of the role of the team as well as the events and artifacts. Participants are also educated about external and internal distractions that impact team members Scrum Team and effective ways to overcome these distractions.

Concessions of CSM course:
  • It is finding opportunities to be Scrum Master in different industries adopting agile methods.
  • We are learning about the fundamental Scrum values, Principles, practices, and concepts.
  • We are learning more about the fundamentals of Scrum and the role of a Scrum Master.
  • We are engaging with various Agile Practitioners who commit to continual improvement.
  • CSM course is the foundation for more advanced CSM courses like CSM A CSP-SM, CSP-SM CST and so on.
  • The higher salary packages are offered to Scrum Master based on qualification level, the amount of time spent as a Scrum Master and the nation the applicant is working in.
  • A higher pay package and incentives are based on the organization they are employed by, the years they have worked as a Scrum Master, and the nation they work for.
  • CSM certification confers respect from their employer.
  • Participants can interact with different Scrum experts when they become part of the Scrum Alliance.
Professional Scrum Master Certification (PSM)

This PSM Certification is two days program that teaches the fundamentals, the process that underlies Scrum and the Scrum Framework and the role played by the Scrum Master within the framework. This PSM training is considered the foundation of Scrum and Agile and includes a free test for the Professional Scrum Master I certification (PSM I). The PSM course will teach the participants how to build an effective Scrum Team to increase their effectiveness and efficiency. This PSM certification is the most cutting-edge training for efficient Scrum Masters and professionals looking forward to coaching the team. The PSM course provides a framework for thoughts on servant-leadership and the shift in behaviour. The class encourages students to rethink their ideas in the context of Scrum principles to improve their understanding of the work environment.

Concessions of the PSM certification
  • It is knowing the Scrum concepts thoroughly so that candidates have a thorough knowledge of Scrum and its structure.
  • Recognizing as a professional within the organization, the PSM certification proves that the individual is a specialist in Scrum.
  • They are more likely to get jobs as top employers recruiters seeking enthusiastic people who are eager to learn and have demonstrated their Scrum expertise by completing PSM. PSM course.
  • The course is the foundation for people to develop their careers and take advanced courses like PSM II and PSM III.
  • The PSM course is connected to other Scrum experts on the platform and informs them of the latest developments in Agile.

The fundamental disparity between CSM Training and PSM Training:

In the case of official training conducted by an authorized trainer, the material provided through Scrum Alliance and Scrum Alliance and is mostly the same. The requirements for becoming certified trainers are the same.

However, it is important to note that CSM training should always be run by a registered instructor of the Scrum Alliance. The term “CSM Training” is thus an assurance of quality for the course.

The danger of the idea of “PSM training” is that it’s not an official course. Since the exam is conducted without training, many non-licensed instructors pay for the PSM test and leave you to take it. It’s often difficult to distinguish to the general public whether it’s a “PSM training” or a “training with PSM test”. This is why you need to check out this site.


Knowledge is everything, whether you have CSM, PSM, or both. Both certificates are equally valuable in the job market, and both programs are compatible. It is important to know what you have learned during the certification process. The trainer will help you make that difference.

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