Professional Gamer Zehel Takes Action: Providing Official News and Updates for Mobile Rhythm Games

Mobile Rhythm Games

The mobile game market continues to boom, raking in tens of billions of U.S. dollars because mobile devices make these games more accessible and convenient for players. With over 3.9 billion smartphone users worldwide, mobile gamers increased their spending in 2021 by $16 billion to reach $116 billion, and spending is likely to reach $138 by 2025.

Rhythm games remain a popular genre in the gaming world because of their competitive fun as players try to meet challenges. Initially emerging from the Japanese market, the games have devoted followers around the globe who vie to make the faster tempos and reach the highest scores.

Professional gamer Zehel has made it easier for players and fans to track the exciting data from the mobile game SIFAS – Love Live! and School Idol Festival ALL STARS. Zehel has actively played EN SIF since the rhythm game’s release in 2014. He has a long history of gaming; one of the first games he played was “RuneScape” which is a MMORPG Game, and he used to make videos for this game as well. 

He also plays Old School RuneScape (OSRS) and RS3. “I’m also an active “Genshin Impact” player and sometimes share news on it,” Zehel said. 

Who is Zehel?

Zehel, the top player of mobile rhythm games is from Singapore. With notable wins in the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! High Score Challenge tournament at the Japan Park Singapore Event held over two days in August 2018, Zehel has consistently achieved high rankings in his favorite events. Zehel is also a coordinator and planner of several events.

Besides his incredible list of achievements for his mobile gaming, the professional gamer also loves to share official news and updates on his favorite rhythm games (Love Live! School Idol Festival (LLSIF), Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS (SIFAS). He sometimes shares information on Anime, Bandori, Genshin Impact, and Events on Facebook and Twitter

He has said about his spreadsheet: “I want to make it easier for fans to see the relevant information about the mobile game SIFAS – Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS. I created this spreadsheet to record all the upcoming events and interesting data from past events, making everything more accessible to more fans and hope they find the information useful.”

He added, “Interested players can find information like event cutoff points, minimum player data, voltage ranking of Exchange Events, players with Multiple Level 86/88 UR School Idols, the rank 200 Players Hall of Fame and SBL. Additionally, people can find the School Idol Channel’s weekly ranking results and scores.

Zehel compiles and maintains the records but is grateful for the interested parties who contribute missing data from some tiers in the leaderboard rankings.

Understanding the Best Mobile Rhythm Games

Currently, an exciting array of games are available to fans of the genre. The ever-popular Arcaea is a game filled with Anime art, great music genres, and over 200 songs. Bang Dream is a Gacha Rhythm game based on Idol music and a popular Anime franchise with lots of splendid characters and plenty of fun because players can collect an exciting range of outfits.

 Another popular Idol Anime that has sparked gacha games is Long Live. Fans of Love Live! School Idol Festival and Live Live! All Stars eagerly anticipate every new addition to the famous Japanese game.

In recent developments, Bushiroad International took over from KLab as the global publisher of Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars. Bushiroad handed the development and operation of the mobile game to the Japanese company Mynet Games in January 2022. Love Live! School Idol Festival remains with KLab.

 The Love Live! is a series based on a multimedia project depicting the struggle and development of numerous idol groups. Love Live! School Idol Festival is the beloved rhythm action game that began in 2013 and grew to 25 million users in Japan by 2019. The story follows two idol groups known as the μ’s and Aqours.

Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars launched in September 2019 as part of the PERFECT DREAM PROJECT. The rhythm action role-playing game commemorated the 4th anniversary of Love Live! School Idol Project, taking place on an alternate timeline placing the μ’s and Aqours in the same school year. The game attracted more than 3 million within a month of its release. 

Final Take

Exciting developments for Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars aside, fans of these mobile rhythm games participate and love to follow player development, events, and rankings. 

Zehel, the top-rated professional player, is more than just an active player, he retains a keen interest in compiling and sharing the top 100 player list and other event data on his social media accounts. Playing, coordinating, and keeping score of events is a full-time effort, but for Zehel, these efforts are well worth investing in this much-loved genre of mobile gaming.

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