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Computer tech solutions is a great computer service and repair business that specializes in everything to do with computers and their use. They offer a range of services from consultation to installation, security updates, and even remote support. Computer Tech Solutions is an uprising company that is located in Orlando,419 E. Michigan Street #5 Orlando, FL 32819.

Their technicians are trained to resolve any problems you might have with your system and explain how to use your computer better. They offer cash and credit card payment services as well as extended warranty options for computer hardware.

Their technicians go through an extensive training course in order to be able to provide the best service possible. This allows them to know what they are doing when it comes down to making sure you get the best possible service.

Their technicians are able to explain things well so that you can understand what they are doing and how it is being fixed. This allows the customer to better understand how their computer works and why something needs to be fixed.

Services Offered by Computer Tech Solutions

Laptop Repair

If your laptop has any problems with the screen, keyboard, battery, ventilation, power port, etc., their technicians can fix them in less than 3-5 days. They offer repair to all kinds of laptops and onsite notebook repair services within a range of 10 miles.

Mobile and tablet Repair

If your phone screen is messed up, they can fix it within a short time. They repair all kinds of phones, from Android phones to iPhones and even tablets. They also repair phone cameras and charging ports.


You can also get a backup from them if you want to back everything up for future use. Backing up your data may save you a lot in case you lose your data, or your laptop is infected by malware. Online backups can also enable you to access your data from any location using any device.

Data Recovery

The crashing of windows or the hard disk can be very annoying. You can end up losing your files or projects that you have been working on for years. Computer tech Solutions technicians are experienced personnel who can recover lost data from all devices, whether the data was accidentally erased or due to crashing of the hard disk or windows.

Malware and Virus Removal

Malware and viruses make your devices malfunction. They consume your ram, making your devices slower. If you have any viruses or malware, they can remove them for you. This makes your machine fast and more efficient.


They help you identify your device’s problem before you agree to repair it, enabling you to decide on the right price for the repair.

Computer Service

They provide service for both hardware and software issues, ensuring that you are satisfied with their performance.

Network Setup

If you need your network setup, they can do that for you.

Microsoft Windows installation and repair

Computer tech solutions offer quality and original windows for your PC and laptop. They also repair bugs and remove bugs in your windows.

Custom Built computer

Computer tech Solution offers unique and wonderful services. They can help you build your custom computer. This allows you to have a machine that is specifically built to meet all your needs. They can also help you upgrade your laptop or PC, such as by increasing the ram.

Remote Support

If your computer cannot be accessed, they provide remote support using Team Viewer. This allows them to fix your problem without having to meet physically.

Why Computer Tech Solutions is the Best Pick

Professionals in the Field

Computer tech solutions hire professionals with many years of experience. All their technicians have completed an extensive training course to ensure that they can resolve any problems you might have with your device.

Cost-Effective Solution

They offer pretty competitive pricing for all their services which is one of the most attractive things about them.

They also give coupons and deals which can help you save even more money.

Fast Delivery

Their services are pretty fast because they have a huge list of technicians to whom they assign jobs, and these technicians work tirelessly to ensure that all their customers get the service they need as soon as possible.

Trustworthy Service

Computer Tech Solutions is a company you can trust. It’s really very hard to leave your device in the custody of people you do not trust. They perform background checks on their employees to ensure the safety of customers’ devices. Other than that, they also have a 5-star rating in trust pilot, meaning that the previous customers are witnesses and have enjoyed their amazing services.

Customer-Friendly Staff

They are very patient and understanding with their customers, which is one trait that makes them so popular. They try to be as understanding and accommodating as possible when they talk to you to ensure that all your issues are resolved instantly.


The best thing about their services is that they are available throughout the week for five days. Another good thing is they save time and repair your device as fast as possible. They also offer onsite services to customers within 10 miles range in case you are busy. They also don’t lie about the time your device should take to be repaired. They alert you in time and also offer discounts for delayed repairs.

Quality Parts

Computer Tech Solutions use quality parts to repair your devices which guarantees the durability of your gadgets even after repair.

Great Customer Support

They offer wonderful customer support to their customers, and they are always available. You can easily contact them any time you have a problem and get assisted. They also have an active website that gives you all the details you need to know about them just within a click of a button.

Computer Tech Solutions are the best fit because they use quality parts and have professional technicians who know how to resolve any issues with your device. They also offer highly competitive rates for their services and finally because they provide services whenever you need them throughout the week.

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