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Prof Pankaj Choudhary’s NGO selected 4 candidates for PFP Funded by US Department of State for 2023

Professor Pankaj Choudhary foundation “Let’s do it India” has become an Indian partner for the Professional Fellow Program with the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs of Unites States Department of State. The Professional Fellows Program (PFP) is a two-way, global exchange program designed to promote mutual understanding, enhance leadership and professional skills, and build lasting, sustainable partnerships between mid-level emerging leaders from foreign countries and the United States. 

PFP participants are placed in intensive 5-6 week fellowships in non-profit organisations, private sector businesses, and government offices across the United States for an individually tailored professional development experience.  They build a broad network with American and other program participant colleagues as they develop a deeper understanding of U.S. society.  The PFP is a two-way exchange, with American participants who have hosted foreign fellows travelling overseas for participant-driven reciprocal programs. 

Let’s do it. India has selected four candidates for the program, namely Shakti Singh, Aakanksha Goswami, Princy Singhal and Amit Kumar. Shakti Singh is the national youth leader of the youth wing of BJP and former Delhi students union DUSU President; Princy Singhal is working as a legal counsellor at the Delhi Commission for Women; Aakanksha Goswami is working with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Government of India and Amit Kumar is the director of communications and projects at let’s do it India. The Selected fellows would be there in the USA from 8th May to 9 June 2023. 

Let’s do it India is an International environment organisation founded by Prof. Pankaj Choudhary, in 2016 has 22 Lakhs active volunteers all across the country, which brings to work positive social changes to create a better future for the world and the people who inhabit it through Environmental protection campaigns and initiatives that encompass a wide range and space such as education, governance, health and wellness, cleanup activities, promoting sustainable tourism and cultural activities. In January 2023, LDII got appreciation for its work in the field of environmental education from Mr Alar Karis, President of Estonia

Once upon a time in the bustling city of Delhi, India, a visionary named Professor Pankaj Choudhary embarked on a mission to ignite change and create a brighter future. Inspired by his passion for fostering global connections and promoting sustainable development, Professor Choudhary established the “Let’s Do It India” foundation.

Driven by his relentless pursuit of excellence, Professor Choudhary’s foundation soon caught the attention of the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State. Recognizing the transformative potential of his work, they invited “Let’s Do It India” to become an Indian partner for the prestigious Professional Fellows Program (PFP).

The Professional Fellows Program was a two-way exchange initiative aimed at fostering mutual understanding, nurturing leadership skills, and building enduring partnerships between emerging leaders from foreign nations and the United States. This remarkable opportunity opened new doors for both “Let’s Do It India” and the aspiring young leaders of the nation.

Under the PFP, promising Indian professionals would have the chance to visit the United States and engage in immersive experiences, learning from their American counterparts. Simultaneously, American fellows would travel to India, bringing their expertise and collaborating with Indian professionals to drive innovation and progress.

The partnership between “Let’s Do It India” and the PFP flourished, becoming a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring change-makers. Over the years, countless mid-level emerging leaders benefited from this enriching experience, returning to their respective countries equipped with enhanced skills, fresh perspectives, and lasting connections.

Through the dedication and unwavering commitment of Professor Pankaj Choudhary and his foundation, the “Let’s Do It India” initiative became a catalyst for positive change, fostering a global network of passionate individuals working towards a better world. Together, they transformed dreams into reality, building bridges across nations and creating a brighter, more interconnected future.

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