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Product Demo Tech: Interview with Reprise Co-founders Bryan Stevenson and Samuel Clemens.

Product Demo Tech

Sam Clemens and Bryan Stevenson are Co-Founders and Co-CEOs at Reprise, a company that has unlocked Product-Led Growth (PLG) for SaaS companies. We asked them both to explain what Reprise is and why it’s leading the product experience space.

What is Reprise, and what unique services do you provide?

Sam: Reprise is the leading platform for creating product demos and tours. With our platform, a business team can capture, edit, and show their own version of a software product.

Bryan: Reprise is unique for a number of reasons, most significantly, our no-code demo creation platform makes it possible for all software companies to be product-led, not just a handful. 

Companies with complex software or steep integration requirements can use Reprise to bring product experiences to the forefront of their buyers’ experience. When before they weren’t available till mid-sales funnel, if at all. 

Who are the customers for simplified demo platforms, how big is this market, and what is the level of demand for a platform like Reprise?

Sam: We started Reprise to help software companies. We had experienced the problem of creating demos at our previous software companies. However, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. We discovered that all large enterprises, even those not in software, somewhere have to make software for a part of their business.

Thus our market is not “software companies,” it’s “companies that make software” – which is all of them above a certain size.

Today we have customers that make networking hardware, that are banks, that do retail. All large companies make software and have challenges showing that software to whoever is supposed to use it.

What problems were sales teams facing before Reprise, please give us a breakdown of the solutions you provide with Reprise?

Sam: Reprise solves two basic problems.

First – what product do you show live on a live sales call. Your production environment is not well-suited for these calls because the data needs to be anonymized. Also, creating and maintaining a separate demo environment requires expensive engineering resources that a sales team will never get. It’ll be a cold day in hell before most sales teams get dedicated engineering resources.

Second – what product asset can you share before or after the sales call. Marketing and sales teams know that sharing a PDF or slide deck doesn’t work. Who wants to read yet another PDF? Teams want to share a view of the product. 

Bryan: Sales teams are very familiar with the fragility of a demo environment. Demos break down; errors occur in the middle of live sales calls, which are both embarrassing and deal-breaking. 

And if a salesperson is lucky enough to secure engineering resources, there’s a good chance engineering will build their prospect’s demo on top of a previous prospect’s demo, resulting in a messy end product.

Could you give us a walkthrough of the Reprise platform and features? How does it work?

Sam: Reprise is designed for mission-critical usage by large enterprises. You don’t want your demo product failing on the last day of the quarter for a thousand sales reps. Thus our platform is designed to be extremely robust.

Capture – we have a toolset that captures the front end of any browser-based application. 

Edit – once captured, business users can then modify the data, the text, and even the flow of screens in an application. They can remove portions of a screen or entire screens. Users can even insert things that don’t actually exist in the real product. All without talking to an engineer.

Analyze – we track the usage of every demo run. Marketers can see which features are getting the most attention. Sales reps can see how a demo is shared and who opens it.

Integrate – modern business teams have suites of tools to handle their pipeline and deal progression. We integrate with all of them and push usage data back into those systems to make them all smarter.

Tell us more about your new feature, Application Capture; what makes it special, and how does it work?

Sam: App Capture works by capturing your product at the code level rather than the screen level. This results in a demo environment that is a perfect full simulation of your original environment. It’s very good for giving sales reps an environment they can muck around in on a sales call, and then refresh instantly to get a clean demo for the next call.

Reprise recently announced $62 million in funding from investors; what does this mean for the business, and how will this fund be spent?

Bryan: Reprise has recieved a lot of positive traction because we came to market with a long-overdue solution. Our goal is to continue to lead the product experience space and maintain the standard of excellence that our customers have come to expect from Reprise as we scale.

Sam: It means we can build a lot more software for our customers. 

We believe this is a very large business opportunity. Our goal is to be the product for every sales and marketing team out there. This is why we raised such a large round. We have a lot of work to do.

Do you have more opportunities for investors or partners at Reprise?

Sam: We are pretty heads-down on execution right now.

What are you currently working on, and what is next on your roadmap at Reprise?

Sam: Reprise was built to serve software companies of every size, but our focus right now is on  serving our enterprise customers.

Any other resources or information you would like to share with us today?

Sam: Can England’s impressive young WC football team win it this year?

Bryan: I’m curious to hear the answer to Sam’s question myself! But before we end our conversation, I want to invite TechBullion readers to see what our platform can do for themselves by quickly creating a light demo or product tour for free with Reprise Starter.

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