Producing Utility Products That Bring The Difference In The Blockchain Landscape; Featuring CEO of Piccolo Token, Sofya Monse.

Utility Products

Piccolo Token is an ERC-20 based token with a 100 trillion supply and aims at producing utility products that bring the difference in the blockchain landscape. A token for the masses that can be used with ease and is relatable to anyone new to crypto trading. CEO Sofya Monse will be telling us more in this interview.

Whom is Piccolo token targeted at and why? 

We are creating the Shiba from space. We want Piccolo to be a household name every person can relate to and invest safely. We want to make blockchain a more accessible technology for commoners to understand. Our consumers are the same millions who believe in Shiba, and we are going to add more value to this market with a plethora of futuristic products. 

What is the kind of blockchain product you’re planning to produce? 

Our long term goal is to build an ecosystem of related products. In the short term, we have our Piccolo Pad, Piccolo Wallet and Piccolo P2E game. Eventually, we wish to stitch them together into the larger scheme of the metaverse. This will be aided by a collection of 3D NFTs that will be “meta” ready in the long term. 

When do you plan on releasing these products?

We released our updated roadmap recently, which points out our major to some minor plans in the long term. Piccolo Pad will be a unique project and probably the most important one as it comes out first. Piccolo Pad will be coming out in Q2 of 2022, while the P2E game and the wallet will have a Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 release. Piccolo Verse will be our flagship project moving into 2023, and there are inspiring plans being put in place for it. 

You called Piccolo Pad unique. What makes it unique? 

Piccolo Pad essentially solves a big problem in the crypto entrepreneurship field. We know many who dream of launching their token or NFT collection but have no principal idea how to bring their ideas to reality. For example, Jimmy might be a fantastic visual artist. Still, he doesn’t know how to market his art or put them on a smart contract, or Rahul’s a budding blockchain developer but needs a team to help him with designs, marketing, PR and creating a solid business plan. We want to bring solutions to every genuine person who wants to bring in this space. Further, Piccolo Pad will have staking and farming options for Piccolo token holders. Our tag line is “Change is here”, and we genuinely want to make a difference.

We saw a significant rebranding recently. What happened? 

We had a massive change in the look on the surface with a new logo, website, branding, roadmap, and soon a new whitepaper has happened. Aesthetically we have a new skin for our community, future investors and retail investors looking to dive into Piccolo token. In the larger picture, we had substantial internal changes, including expansion of the team, the way we function, and how we look at this project in the long term. Our approach today is maximum results with the best-case approach. We have a top software company working on our utility projects, a game company working on our P2E game, a dedicated project engineer and a vast range of leaders micromanaging every aspect of the project. The rebranding also meant that we set up a system tailored for top exchanges like Binance, Coinbase and 

What do you want to tell your potential investors? 

We are here to stay, and we are here to make a difference. Our products will resonate with a newbie in cryptocurrency and with more mature people into this. We cater for everyone! In the long term, our metaverse plans will set many eyeballs drooling, and this project’s exponential growth by then will ensure the much-needed tier 1 exchange listings. Our current set of exchanges demonstrates our acceptance in the crypto exchange market despite being a 3-month-old project. I would love to invite everyone to join the Piccolo Family, we are going to the moon, and there’s no stopping this spaceship!

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