Prodigy-Programmer Hamilton Cheong Successfully Combating Crypto Scams in All Forms

The unprecedented rise of cryptocurrency has given rise to many opportunistic individuals who prey on the hopes and dreams of investors all across the globe. Unfortunately, under the guise of a lucrative endeavor, these practices have become commonplace in the unregulated world of cryptocurrencies, leaving victims behind to hold the bag. At the same time, the creators run for their money. Serial entrepreneur, programmer, and Web3 developer Hamilton Cheong hope to put a stop to these fraudulent practices finally, and he has done quite a lot of work towards the success of his solitary mission.

Countless investors have poured a lot of their hard-earned money into crypto. Many of them are even desperate enough to gamble their life savings for the potential to earn excessive returns. Unfortunately, these false promises have victimized numerous individuals. Hamilton Cheong has made great strides towards preventing these worst-case scenarios, establishing companies and running educational campaigns to fight the bad actors rampant in the crypto industry.

Hamilton Cheong has pioneered the world’s first-ever Fiat Blockchain, a web3 platform that allows investors to simplify their investments in the long run. In line with his goals, Hamilton spent a lot of time and effort educating the masses on the distinctions between fiat money and cryptocurrency.

Fiat money is a legal tender whose value is tied to a government-issued currency, such as the US dollar. On the other hand, cryptocurrency is a digital asset that derives its value from its native blockchain. Fiat currencies are backed up by the sovereign, while cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital coins or assets held together through blockchain technology. 

Between the two, fiat is a more stable form, its consistency observed over the past years, compared to the dramatically fluctuating prices of cryptocurrencies. But Hamilton Cheong noticed that many overlook these apparent differences. Hence, the disastrous scams that have invaded the industry are no surprise to the renowned entrepreneur.

To curb the adverse effects of these scams, Hamilton Cheong worked for many years to develop the Fiat Blockchain, giving the general public better opportunities to make sound investments. “Every country is building its digital currency for its own country, right? They’re using their proprietary code, their proprietary technology stack, and their proprietary blockchain. The problem is if you have 190 countries in the world, each building their digital currency and own digital blockchain, how the hell do you expect them to communicate afterward with one another? It’s impossible to get it,” Hamilton shared. 

Aside from his tremendous work with Fiat Blockchain, Hamilton Cheong has also built a pristine reputation as the founder of the interactive intelligence group Just Wallet™. The company focused on Innovation and Excellence in Payment & Telecommunication technology and was designed to give its users the power to build the future of finance. 

Hamilton Cheong is also the esteemed founder of the world’s first-ever Ransomware Security Firewall Built with an intelligent algorithm cloud platform developed by his company Crypto Investigation Bureau (CIB). The firewall detects and prevents all known ransomware attacks using code recognition and patterns focused on financial services and corporations. The firewall can track hackers to very close proximity and provide blockchain forensics to assist with crypto investigations, as well as with training to law enforcement and government agencies worldwide.

Hamilton Cheong has done great work helping the victims of crypto scams and making the scammers fully accountable for their horrible actions. He exposed one of the biggest crypto heists in history, the Africrypt fraud. Developed and operated by brothers the platform successfully took over or worked with what was discovered as to be a wallet connected to another large exchange wallet that had $3.6 billion worth of crypto and took away funds from its unsuspecting investors.

Hamilton Cheong was able to put pressure on the crypto community and assist victims, in the end over 100 million was issued back to the impacted victims from a so-called “mystery investor”.  cementing his position as one of the most credible and trusted individuals in the world of tech and business. Overall, the fight is not over for Hamilton Cheong. He hopes to eradicate these prevalent scams, but there is still so much work. Luckily, the man will stop at nothing to enact justice and preserve what is proper and lawful to help those the crypto industry has severely wronged.

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