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Composite material is a material that has been fabricated to combine two or more materials with different properties that combine while still having the components of the original materials stay intact. Many types of composite materials exist and some of the most common types of composite materials include carbon fiber and fiberglass.

What Are Some Examples of Composite Materials?

Composite materials can come in a variety of forms. Carbon fiber is a popular and versatile composite material but it is not the only one commonly used. Some other types of composite materials include reinforced concrete, plywood, reinforced plastics, metal matrix composites and other advanced composite materials.

What Are Composite Materials Used for?

Composites are used every day in many applications. When a product needs a high-performing material that is both strong and lightweight, carbon fibers are typically the top choice. Though carbon fiber is not inexpensive, it is a quality material that offers impressive performance for a wide range of applications.

Automotive Component Manufacturing – within the automotive industry advanced composites can be utilized to boost efficiencies through aerodynamics. Our FritoLay Sprinter case study is one example of how composite materials can be used to save energy through advanced engineering and expert manufacturing of composite materials.

Aerospace Industry – did you know that in newly built aircraft nearly 50% of the parts are manufactured with composite materials? Components of aircraft are frequently composite based due to the material being high performing and incredibly strong.

Sporting Industry – another interesting application for composite materials is in the sporting industry. Much sporting equipment is made from composite materials such as carbon fiber as it offers a strong yet lightweight solution for many applications. A common use for composites in sports includes carbon fiber hockey sticks and all types of helmets.

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