PRIZM: The ideology of CWT will save humanity from slavery.

The publication of the second edition of Alexei Muratov book “The Ideology of CWT” (Change the World Together) is scheduled for August. Two years ago this piece of work made a lot of noise among economists and made the society take a fresh look at the modern world order, in which everything is subordinated to the interests of corporations, and the propaganda brochures of politicians remained the only refuge of justice. The second edition of The Ideology of CWT completely retained its focus, however, some parts of the book have been updated taking into account recent events, and in addition, the book has a completely new chapter devoted to the advanced cryptocurrency Prizm.

“The ideology of CWT” by Alexei Muratov is a pamphlet in the best traditions of this beautiful and undeserved genre that has been forgotten in our days. Like the classics of European literature, the author already in his “Foreword” denotes his subject of criticism and then, in almost 200 pages, mercilessly denounces the world financial corporations that de facto usurped the right to real power. Alexei Muratov, point by point, deals with their crimes and, in the end, equips the readers with an effective tool to combat financial tyranny.

It is rather difficult to determine to which literature the “Ideology of CWT”, political or economic, refers to? The topic chosen by the author is so complex and multifaceted that there is no unambiguous answer to this question. However, for the reader this circumstance does not represent any problem at all. The “Ideology of CWT” organically combines features of both political and economic work And could it be otherwise, given that the author talks about a very large amount of money, which in due time was silenced, and in fact bought the political elites around the world.

The process was not rapid but progressive, as a result of which around 100 years ago, humanity came to the conclusion that all the real power in the world is concentrated in the hands of a very small group of people, families of financiers whose representatives are controlling the largest transnational corporations from generation to generation. Their power is built on total control over natural and human resources. People for them are nothing more than a medium for the consumption of goods or functions that ensure the uninterrupted operation for the instruments of production.

It is easy to imagine such a system of legal relations in the form of a pyramid, at the top of which the celestials are located, and at the bottom – billions of ordinary people forced to spend their entire life and health on attempts to somehow improve their financial situation, to earn enough money in order to escape poverty .

Alexei Muratov is convinced that this state of affairs is fundamentally unfair. Mankind has been fraudulently imprisoned, the illusion of freedom was created which, in fact, enslaved the humanity even more than the most terrible slave system. The author reasonably argues that while society blindly worships the Golden calf in the form of an American dollar, none of us can consider ourselves truly free. Although, in fact, in the last 50 years (since 1971, since the cancellation of gold security), the dollar is nothing more than a colored paper cut into rectangles, the real value of which at its best is calculated at a few cents.

But Alexei Muratov book “The Ideology of CWT” is not just a narrative on a given topic. The author skillfully keeps the reader’s attention, by periodically suggesting to answer the seemingly simplest questions. Who prints dollars? Who owns the power over the financial system of any country in the world? Why there were no serious discoveries in medicine industry for a long time? Why does the education level fall steadily?

Answers to these and many other questions will cause confusion even for a prepared reader. After all, the release of dollars in circulation is managed by a commercial organization that receives fabulous revenues from the difference in costs of printing the green candlesticks and their nominal value (“seigniorage”). The power over any national central bank belongs to the Federal Reserve System, and the medicine and the education respectively have not accidentally switched to treating only the symptoms and to providing just superficial knowledge.

The system is so confident in its abilities that it does not even try to make a secret out of it. What for? The powerful people of this world are convinced that they will cope with any action against themselves. And it should be said that they have reason to believe so: John Kennedy, Charles de Gaulle, Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi – they all paid very dearly for trying to question the right to dominate the world’s financial elites.

Does this mean that a fight is meaningless a priori? Of course not. Alexei Muratov is convinced that humanity is simply obliged to fight for a fair resource-oriented economy, but it is necessary to do this very carefully, without causing the anger of the world financial elites for the time being. According to Alexei Muratov, it is possible to turn to an open confrontation only after a large International Public Association is created that represents a real force in the world political arena. The author proposes to unite under the banner of the social movement “Change the World Together” to his supporters.

So what is proposed as a weapon of fight? Cryptocurrency! Alexei Muratov reasonably believes that the world financial corporations can be weakened only by the complete stop of using the dollar and making payments in cryptocurrencies. The author of the “Ideology of CWT” says that financial tycoons have already felt a threat from the cryptocurrency and are making effort every day to establish their control over this community. Decentralization and anonymity of Bitcoin can already be referred to in the past tense. Its fate is doomed and other cryptocurrencies out of the TOP100 will repeat Bitcoin’s fate.

Nevertheless, Alexei Muratov is convinced that in order to save the situation, it is necessary to shift the attention of the crypto community from the overpaid Bitcoin speculators to the cryptocurrency, which can really become a convenient and an anonymous means of payment. What is this currency? The answer to this question is in the new chapter of the book “Ideology of CWT”, which is called “Advanced Cryptocurrency Prizm“. We can say that it was for this chapter that the re-edition of the “Ideology” has been done. Alexei Muratov analyzes in great detail the disadvantages of Bitcoin, Ethereum and their forks in it, and offers a real alternative in the form of cryptocurrency Prizm. Prizm has no emission center, it is devoid of shortcomings of Bitcoin and will become even more decentralized as it develops. How and through what? Answers to these and many other questions can be received after the publication of the second edition of Alexei Muratov book “The Ideology of CWT”. It’s not a long wait at all.

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