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Priyal Borole Boosting Customer Financial Well-Being by Championing Innovations in Martech Communications

A software engineering and operations leader contributed globally on research around pioneering tech space in customer experience and communications.

Priyal Borole is a thought leader in innovation in brining scale to customer experiences within predominantly financial and wealth management sector. Over the period of more than 14 years he has been adopting rise of data analytics, machine learning and AI augmentation to automate multi-channel communication activities. Priyal had deployed several frameworks in financial and wealth management where it allows customers gets relevant information, at right time about betterment of their financial well-being and how to continuously pursue their financial goals. Priyal has also been ensuring that fraud detection is communicated to consumers related to their accounts in instantaneous manner via preferred and complaint channels between SMS, PUSH or Email.

Research shows that pandemic created economic crunch to average population and itself impacted American households, causing loss of employments or significant income reduction in certain sectors. Additionally, more private companies inclined towards termination of pension plans, associated with longevity of individuals financial health overall during pandemic and after.

This created different issues in financial services sector such as people were not able to save more money or getting offtrack of their retirement plans or seeking financial help for better pursuing their advancement goals. The time also fueled lot of fraud activities within financial industry making it more challenging to differentiate.

“A strategically sound communication plan, enhanced with innovative technology and execution, can indeed make a significant impact “Says Borole while discussing overall event-based communications. A well implemented tech stack by Priyal not only created awareness for millions of American lives about taking financial health very seriously but also added value to organizations serving them.

Another aspect of financial education, Priyal emphasized the importance of executing relevant messages based on predictive analytics helped consumers to understand where they stand in overall their personal financial goals and educated them on personalized guided path for either retirement savings or college savings and others. Priyal says “AI can potentially turn the notch up by serving more accurate recommendations especially every individual has different combination of goals, income and financial outlook”

Priyal is a savvy technologist and cognizant of financial services challenges and strives to innovate every day to serve consumer perspectives and provide an ideal customer experience via intelligent communication mechanisms.

Priyal Borole’s innovative approach blends seamlessly with his deep understanding of the challenges within the financial services sector. With over 14 years of experience, he continuously refines his strategies, leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI and predictive analytics to deliver tailored solutions for each individual’s financial journey. Through strategic communication plans and a robust tech stack, Priyal not only raises awareness but also empowers consumers to make informed decisions, ensuring their financial well-being in the face of economic uncertainties. His commitment to innovation underscores his role as a leader in revolutionizing customer experiences within the financial and wealth management industry.

About Priyal Borole

Based in Maryland, Priyal Borole is a Martech leader with more than 14 years of experience from leading organizations such as Capital One and T. Rowe Price.

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