Primez: A Platform To Bring Us Close To Japan

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been increasing week by week, as the number of active wallets and the average sale value of the asset is rising. This is due to the immeasurable benefits it has been bringing alongside its monetary reasons. This naturally has brought in the world closers as an art piece from the corner of the world from an artist is accessible to everyone. That’s why this is also termed the next internet evolution we all were needing.

Bringing Us Close To Japan:

Taiwan-based Angela Global is being a part of this movement of bringing the world closers and exposing it to the beautiful culture of Japan. It is launching its own NFT marketplace called PRIMEZ which will aim to share the culture of Japan in the form of NFTs. 

It will mostly focus on sharing the content culture of Japan and converting it to NFTs. Content and related industries in Japan is currently valued at 53 trillion yen which contributes to 10% of their GDP. It is predicted to reach a record-breaking value in the future which will contribute to 34.2% of the GDP of Japan. 

This is majorly due to the increase in consumption and thus fan following of Japanese media in the form of Animation (Anime), Manga/Comic books, and Mobile Games. The consumption of these services is major across the USA, India, Japan, United Kingdom, China, Germany, and France which are also leading consumers/promoters of NFT/crypto. 

Primez will increase the potential reach of the Japanese content with the modern technology of blockchain. They will be using the inherent nature of NFTs and will use to protect creators, market their art through the marketplace, and develop a new economic zone for both the creators and the users of the art.

Primez Token:

Primez is a blockchain that will have its own token and its own tokenomics governing it. However, the great feature of this chain is that it is compatible with different chains and hence can be used as a cross-chain platform.

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It will be like a central hub for NFT launch and distribution. To improve the functionality of the chain, a token named Primez (PRM) will also be launched to govern the chain. It will have the following functionalities.

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Primez Marketplace:

Primez Marketplace is set to be launched on the 15th of April 2022. As mentioned earlier, it will aim to popularize and spread Japanese art and culture. Some of the examples of NFT jewels are, Diamond Jewels selected by world-class gemologists, Lamborghini artwork from the super GT race incorporation with Japan Lamborghini Owners Club (JLOC), and calligraphy by a most renowned calligraphy artists.

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