Prime Ape Planet: An NFT project created by the best minds of the Artistic world!

The blockchain realm has experienced significant growth compared to any other industry owing to its return on investment and the flexibility it offers. A crucial factor that has contributed to the adaption of the blockchain is the introduction of non-fungible tokens and projects based on it. 

Non-Fungible tokens or NFTs as we call them, have slowly evolved from merely being digital asset to digital asset that comes with various applications that can be used across different verticals on the blockchain.

Projects like the Prime Ape Planet which is a full-fledged NFT project with one of the most unique and desirable NFT collections are an astounding example of that evolution. 

The Prime Ape Planet Ecosystem:

The complete ecosystem of the Prime Ape Planet focuses more on making it a community-inclusive project. The features and the future roll-outs of the project are planned in that direction. The major highlight of the ecosystem is the flamboyant collection of NFTs with the artistic individuals behind their designs. 

Prime Ape Planet being an exclusive NFT project comprises three categories namely:

  1. The Prime Kongs.
  2. The Prime Apes.
  3. The Infected Apes.

Each of the NFTs mentioned is designed by leading artists who are known for their contributions to the art world. The talents that spearhead the design and development of the NFTs in the prime ape planet have worked in movies like Godzilla, Marvel masterpieces like Avengers Infinity War/End Game, the Witchers, and so on. 

The Prime Kongs:

The Prime Kong NFT collection is one of the most high-valued and unique NFTs that is available in the Prime Ape Planet universe. The Prime Kong NFTs are hand-drawn and designed by Kurtis Dave who is one of the lead designers on the Prime Ape Planet. He comes with prior experience in the artistic world by working on big-budget animation projects like The Lion King, Godzilla, etc. The characteristics of the Prime Kong NFT are characterized as powerful and calm in the entire prime ape planet universe. The initial sale of the Prime Kong NFT got sold out within two minutes of its release, projecting a trading volume of 4.9k ETH equivalent to 10 million+ USD. 

The Prime Ape NFT:

The Prime Ape NFT is a very common yet unique masterpiece NFT in the ecosystem. The Prime Ape NFT, when clubbed with adaptive regimes gives rise to a diverse range of Prime Ape NFTs that the members of the community can buy according to their taste. 

The Prime Ape NFTs also can be combined with poisoned bananas to create an infected ape NFT. These NFTs have a new look and dimension which can be used for staking and receiving higher returns. The Prime Ape NFT on its initial sale sold out in nearly 38 minutes at a trading volume of 29.3K ETH and 84+ Million USD. 

Community-Inclusive Project Propaganda:

Apart from being a successful NFT project, the complete prime ape planet is a community exclusive project as mentioned before. The future aspirations of the project aim at creating an exclusive NFT-holder community which is set to roll out in late May 2022. The members of the community will have access to stake and use their NFTs to access various applications like p2E games, voting on upcoming projects, and much more which are to be released soon in the upcoming days. 

Apart from these applications, the project ecosystem also soon aims at integrating real-world applications with the project giving the holders access to exclusive deals, access to events at bewildering destinations, and much more.

The project also proposes to soon roll out its very own merchandise line which will operate on a Print On Demand strategy. These merchandise lines will only be accessible to members of the holders-only community platform. The merchandise line will help the users experience their NFTs from a real-world perspective and give them the experience of being part of an amazing community. 

You can also visit Twitter, Discord, and the Website for more information.

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