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Price Monitoring – The Future Of Trading?

In an extremely competitive environment, the ability to quickly adapt and respond to market changes is not only an advantage, but a necessity. Price Monitoring and Dynamic Pricing Strategies are the vanguard of retail awareness, a decisive factor in the success of online stores and manufacturers. We understand that leveraging these tools can mean the difference between leading the market and falling behind.

Price monitoring: pillars of competitive advantage

Precision of price monitoring software

Dealavo price monitoring software is a leader in price tracking and market analysis, offering unrivaled accuracy and real-time data. It scans competitor prices with algorithmic precision to provide actionable information that supports strategic decision-making.

Do you know what you get by working with Dealavo?

– Automatic competition analysis

– Real-time price adjustments

– Maximize profit margin

What is market price scanning and what is the price monitoring process. take a look at the diagram below:

Dealavo operating principles, source: 

In the Dealavo panel you can observe the prices of products that we consider competitive with those offered by customers. Product identification is based on e.g. EAN numbers or other parameters indicated by customers. Product matching is supported by artificial intelligence and verified by the Dealavo Quality Team.

You can segment aggregated data to ensure readability of your analyses. You can use filters and take advantage of a wide range of charts. You can also export them to other programs or use built-in integrations.

An interesting function is the use of e-mail alerts or screenshots of competitors’ assortments.

Dynamic pricing: the art of adapting

Dynamic Pricing is the pulse of market reaction. Our systems are designed to detect and respond to the smallest market changes, ensuring your pricing strategy is as dynamic as the market itself.

What does Dynamic Pricing give you:

– Efficient response to demand fluctuations

– Implementation of strategic pricing principles

– Using market position for price leverage

To use the Dynamic Pricing function, you must first configure the rules based on which prices will be adjusted. Take a look at the examples available on Dealavo below:

  • TOP 3 on a given platform – use this rule to be among the first three offers in a given sales channel, e.g. in Google Shopping
  • Between two competitors – this rule allows you to implement price automation between individual, specified competitors
  • Below/above the indicated amounts – this option allows you to indicate margin goals as specific numbers or percentages (e.g. the price of a given product should include margins of 5%)
  • Below/above the indicated competitors – when using this rule, the allogithm will generate higher or lower prices relative to the indicated competitors
  • Increase/decrease by a given quantity/percentage – this option allows you to increase or decrease the price or its percentage in a given period of time.
  • Low stock – this option is particularly useful in the case of so-called products. “end-of-line, i.e. at the moment when our product enters its last life cycle
  • Profit optimization – AI and discovery – this rule is extremely interesting. It allows for price optimization through artificial intelligence (AI). The algorithm learns from the collected information and adjusts prices to market conditions in the most affordable way.

Dynamic Pricing process, source: 

Stay on top of market trends by tracking prices

The impact of price tracking software

The Dealavo panel. Source: 

Dealavo price tracking software is more than a tool – it’s a business ally. It streamlines the complex process of tracking market trends, simplifying the complexities of pricing in the vast e-commerce marketplace.

Strengthen your e-commerce strategy

– In-depth market analysis

– Better visibility of market trends

– Efficient tracking of thousands of products

And you can observe all this in quite intuitive panel that allows you to quickly look at the entire competition market but also look at individual products.

If you want to see how Dealavo works in practice, check out the following Case Study:

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