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Preventing Burglary And Theft: 8 Essential Tips For Your Business

Being the target of a robbery, particularly an armed one, is the most terrifying experience possible.  Lack of proper preparation and strategy often leads to frequent occurrences of thefts and robberies in such circumstances. 


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce claims shoplifting affected as many as 54% of small business owners in 2021. Additionally, organized retail crime resulted in an average loss of over $700,000 per $1 billion in sales for stores in 2020, marking a more than 50% increase over the past five years.


You can prevent the risk of theft at your company by using access control security solutions to safeguard your assets and limit damage in the event of an occurrence.

8 Essential Tips to Help Prevent Burglary And Theft For Your Business.

There are always opportunists searching for simple prey; your aim should be to avoid being one. How can you prevent being a prey? By adopting a burglar’s mindset, ask yourself what you would observe if you were maliciously approaching a property. Are there any easy-access windows or doors? Does it seem simple to turn off the security system? 


These are only a handful of the evaluations potential invaders make. Through these evaluations, you could find flaws that expose your company and make them an easy target. In locations such as Louisville, using control access Louisville can ensure complete control that will safeguard and tighten security through computer-based systems.


This security access control is a measure to help protect your business assets and safeguard the perimeters in the best possible way. The following essentials tips for preventing theft in your business:

1. Putting in An Alarm System

Installing an alarm system is among the finest ways to shield your company against theft, damage to property, and burglary. Any would-be intruders are frequently discouraged by the existence of an alarm system, and it may help you keep a watch on both internal and exterior dangers.


The majority of small businesses don’t require the most expensive alarm systems. Security firms can provide a wide range of affordable, customizable security access control solutions. Ensure the system can be managed and monitored remotely using a smartphone, tablet, or computer and is UL-certified. This is to create a central monitoring system.

2. Keep Business Surroundings Lit Up

Two of the most powerful criminal deterrents are good interior and outside lighting. Burglars like to operate in the shadows. Some places should continually be lit up.


  • Pay close attention to places where intruders frequently enter that are out of plain sight. Maintaining functional lighting fixtures is a must. Replace any burned-out or damaged bulbs right away. You may decrease the likelihood of damage by being mindful of where light fixtures are located, employing lights in cages, and using sturdy items.
  • Keep expensive items well-lit but out of sight from shop windows to avoid thieves breaking in and getting away with merchandise fast.
  • Think about installing access control motion-detection lighting in locations where burglars may enter.


3. Well- Secured Perimeter Using Access Control Automated Gates

The best way to secure your company’s premises is to install access control automated gates and doors. To achieve the best degree of safety, the automated gates or doors are accessed through a computer-based system to monitor those entering and leaving the premises.


You can store expensive items in a secure location, safeguard your clients’ private data, and restrict access to your computers using secure, passworded automated doors. 


It is vital that you maintain constant supervision of your business. A monitoring system improves your ability to thwart and capture criminals.

4. Installation of Surveillance Camera

Companies use security access control solutions like closed-circuit television cameras for video surveillance; it takes live video records of what is happening. You can watch at a spot or check the recordings stored up. Would-be burglars may be deterred by the sight of security cameras, which may also secure your company during work and non-working hours. 


To recognize the faces of consumers and staff, you need to install cameras in crucial areas and store footage off-site. Note that when installing CCTV in the office space, understand the privacy and implications rules. The reason for installing cameras in the workspace should be explained to the employees, as well as how to use them. 


Break rooms, bathrooms, staff lounges, and other places where there is a legitimate expectation of privacy shouldn’t have cameras placed.

5. Conduct Background Investigations

There are occasions when the most dependable workers turn out to be the ones that conduct workplace fraud. Background checks on newly recruited workers and contractors are crucial, especially if they’ll handle payments or confidential financial information about clients and your company. A background check can not only assist you in making wiser hiring selections, but it will also protect you from employee theft.

6.  Use Biometrics Access Control to Verify Authorized Personnel 


You may utilize a biometric access control solution to verify that authorized workers are using the correct procedures for arming and disarming your company’s security systems. Your company may be exposed if you incorrectly arm or operate your security equipment.

7. Maintain a Clean Environment

You can deter burglars from the neighborhood if you maintain well-kept lawns and paths around your place of business. Well-maintained properties imply that someone is on the premises at all times.


Another smart move is trimming down bushes and hedges that block windows so thieves have nowhere to hide.

8. Safeguard And Secure Outside Wiring

Try an employ building access control by keeping the outside wires in your building closed with restricted access. This will prevent burglars from frequently trying to cut the wires in an effort to turn off security and other communication systems. 


The wires may be hidden in cable conduits which will be assembled in a main circuit board that can be closed and secured with a biometric access control solution. This will allow only access to only authorized personnel. Burglars, or would-be burglars, will find it more difficult to cut off wires.

Bottom Line 

People who want to steal will always exist if you have valuable possessions. Every company needs to reduce risk and increase attentiveness. The most excellent defense is to stay ahead of prospective thieves.

Consider using control access Louisville or working with security consultant firms around the Lousiville environs. These professionals will be familiar with local crime patterns in-depth and have the ability to spot weaknesses inside your company. Their counsel may be priceless and worthwhile.


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