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Premium Custom Wholesale Coffee Bags with Valve from BOWE PACK

Consumption of coffee is increasing and may take over tea as developing countries are becoming hot fans of this beverage. With the steady growth of consumption of coffee, you can find several newer coffee brands in the market trying to carve a niche for their brand by competing for this space. It means a growing demand for flexible packaging bags as the outer packaging means everything. It is generally seen in the area of publicity and advertisement that most customers are first attracted to the outer packaging of a product before going to their homes and tasting it. It is especially so in the case of food products which have seen phenomenal growth in past years. Hence, the main aim for marketers and companies with food brands is to get the packaging right so that the customer tries the product.

It is therefore obvious that the area of packaging is seeing constant growth and only a few flexible packaging suppliers and manufacturers have been successful in catering to this market. In this particular space of packaging, BOWE PACK has brought out a wide range of packaging styles, and designs and introduced new concepts so that it could become the market leader in a relatively short time.

Why Should You Choose BOWE PACK for Supplies?

BOWE PACK is one of the leaders in packaging and has served more than 100 countries worldwide within 25 years. The company has the most modern equipment in its factory in China and is managed by disciplined, highly skilled, experienced technicians and a professional workforce. Apart from manufacturing general packaging bags, the company has created some of the best premium food packaging bags and other sachets.

The factory has advanced printing facilities and includes high-speed 10-color Gravure Equipment. They adopt HD Indigo 20000 digital printing equipment to provide higher printing accuracy and speed. They also undertake updating of CYMK and Panton e Color Card for designs on wholesale coffee bags with valve so that clients get only the very best.

The printing machine gives vivid colors and excellent image quality which helps client brands stand out in the market.  The bags offered by the company include Kraft coffee bags, coffee bags with valves, flat-bottom coffee bags, gusset coffee bags, etc.

The coffee bags come in multiple sizes, materials types, colors, and add-ons so that you can choose one or more for your brand. The sizes include 1oz, 20z, 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 1lb, 2lbs, 3lbs, 4lbs, and 5lbs and you can give your size details and other information of the content.


Sustainable Compostable Bags

The company is also a forerunner in sustainable coffee bags and other food packaging bags. Their sustainable custom coffee bag is 100% compostable and you can simply consume the products and throw them anywhere as these are biodegradable.

These bags are made from natural brown or white Kraft paper and the valves and zippers are made from bio-based PLA and BPAT. You can click here for more information and if you place any queries they will be answered immediately. The staffs are professional-minded and think that client growth means their growth and hence put in all-out efforts to help them.

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