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Pregnancy – What You Need to Do for Healthy Prenatal Development?


When you’re expecting a baby or planning to have one, you know the basics like not drinking or smoking. Even passive smoking is unhealthy for your baby. Enough sleep,rest, and avoiding stress are also essential for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth for you and your little bundle of joy. There are other things like taking a healthy diet and vitamins on time. According to an article published in Forbes, it is essential to take different types of foods when pregnant, including fresh vegetables, fruits, proteins, dairy items, and grains.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the things you need to do for a healthy pregnancy. Read on to learn more.

Try exercises at home

You need to stay active during pregnancy to cut back on stress and boost blood circulation and lift your mood and manage your mood swings. It will also help you sleep better. You can opt for a pregnancy workout class or simply take a walk for about 20 minutes daily. Walk at a moderate speed in a shaded, cool place like your garden or even inside your room to avoid the heat.

Yoga, Pilates, walking, and swimming are good exercises to relieve stress for you. However, consult with your physician before starting to work out. Target at least half an hour of exercise five days a week. Listen to what your body says and avoid overdoing exercises.

Include fish in your diet

You know that you need to eat healthy food during your pregnancy. Besides fresh veggies and fruits, one of the most essential items to include is fish in your meals. Based on the findings of a 2020 study, the advantages of taking fish when you’re pregnant offset the hazards. You can consult with medical experts at Obria Medical Clinics serving all of Oregon City to understand what kind of fish is healthy during pregnancy.

Take fish rich in omega 3s, a nutrient crucial for the development of the brain. It will also help kids to have an improved metabolism. However, avoid fish that has mercury which is harmful to the mother and baby.

The Food and Drug Administration suggests pregnant women take at least 12 ounces of healthy fish every week. Include shrimp, canned light tuna, Pollack, salmon, and even catfish. Avoid eating king mackerel, swordfish, or tilefish as they have high mercury.

Take medicines carefully

Consult with a medical professional about what medicines are safe during pregnancy, especially over-the-counter pills or supplements. Even if you are taking natural remedies, do so after consulting your doctor. Make sure you avoid non-steroidal medicines such as ibuprofen having anti-inflammatory properties.

Based on the findings of the National Health Science, taking ibuprofen while you’re pregnant will increases the possibility of miscarriage and even cause injury to fetal blood vessels. So, talk with your physician before taking any painkillers and even other medications you take generally.


Pregnancy or having a baby is a wonderful experience most womenwant to enjoy. So, keep these pointers in mind to have healthy prenatal progress. Stay healthy and eat well.


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