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Precious Metals And Coin Collecting

What Are Numismatic Coins?

Numismatic coins, my dear friend, are a fascinating and unique form of physical gold that have added importance to the consumer due to their age, uncommonness, or historical significance. People get really excited at the idea of getting access to pirate treasure, and that feeling imbued in gathering these coins is why people tend to collect them voraciously. That is, the actual value of the item might be a few cents, but the provenance centered around the understanding of the importance of the specie makes it that much more expensive if it were to go onto retail or up for auction. In fact, most of these items are sold at auction because they are so incredibly important to so many people who look at these offerings as a living example of how their ancestors and previous generations lived.

People get really excited when they think about touching a piece of gold that was once

touched by Blackbeard or some other famous pirate that has been fictionalized within an inch of his life. So people draw their attention to more notable items that tend to have an amazing story attached to them, specifically if there is a story that has some sort of dramatic arc that climaxes with the acquisition of the coin itself, and so, numismatic coins tend to be very alluring to people. So when you are thinking about choosing between a gold IRA and physical gold, and investing in numismatic pieces, it is always wise to consult with a numismatic expert, because you can get access to these items if you have the right relationships with people you trust who are certain that the specie they are dealing is authentic and noteworthy.

What Are The Famous Ancient Coins?

There are so many pieces that are famous and are currently under lock and key because if people had access to them, they might be stolen because of the historical perception of the people who had these items initially cast, or who stole them in famous battles. For example, the Roman Aureus was a metal specie minted by the Roman Republic and Roman Empire for three centuries, thereby making it fairly widely disseminated over a long period of time, making it a high-value item that might come up for auction. The Greek Drachm was a metal specie minted by the ancient Greeks for even longer, six centuries, and it was a denomination of currency that was traded and bartered for items in the same way that we currently use dollars here in the United States of America, just as regular tender.

The Persian Daric was a gold specie minted by the mighty Persian Empire in the year 5 BC, which was heavily traded on the Silk Road and was partially beloved because it featured the image of a Persian King considered to be super handsome. The Chinese Wu Zhu was a gold ( piece minted by the Chinese during the legendary Han Dynasty over the course of a few decades, making it one of the most famous pieces that collectors still love. The Byzantine Solidus was a metal coin minted by the Byzantine Empire while it was still strong before it was brought down by the Ottoman Empire by the Sultan Mehmed, making these pieces even more valuable today. These are the types of pieces that will make auctioneers go wild in 2023, given that we are certain that these pieces are going to be imbued with so much value and historical significance that folks will get excited when they hear they are up for sale.

Are There Collectible Pieces In The Caribbean?

Numismatic items that have been found in the Caribbean include Spanish colonial items that were stolen from indigenous people, such as those minted during the Columbian Exchange, as well as items from other European countries that had a presence in the colonial Caribbean, such as England, France, and the Netherlands. As a result of slavery, these pieces were disseminated all over the globe and became incredibly famous on the auction markets. These doubloons can include a wide variety of different denominations such as reales, escudos, and guldens that were often melted down from indigenous items that had been forcibly removed by these colonizers. Spanish colonial doubloons stolen from indigenous folks are among the most common numismatic finds in the Caribbean that come up for auction.

The most common Spanish colonial doubloons found in the Caribbean are the 8-reales and the

4-reales, also known as the “piece of eight” and the “two-piece”. These formerly indigenous items that became doubloons were minted in several different designs, and the most common forms of designs were known as “pillars and waves”, thereby erasing the indigenous meaning from these items. Another common type of specie found in the Caribbean is the gold escudo, which was a high-value specie minted by Spain and used as currency in its colonies filled with enslavement. These items were typically stamped with the coat of arms of Spain despite their bloody indigenous origins.

What Other Ways Do People Collect Pieces?

French and English pieces were also used in the Caribbean colonies and can be found as numismatic finds in the area. The French livre and the English pound were both used as currency in the Caribbean colonies and also have a really problematic history in the same way, which is why so many people look to purchase new pieces of metal instead of investing in pieces that have so much troubling history behind them. There are famous shipwrecked pieces that were on ships that ran aground, and people feel a bit more comfortable purchasing items from those. Though some people feel that items from these floating graveyards should be respected as final places of rest and not looted for new things. So when we consider buying the things we want to buy, we have to remember that brand new items are simply going to be less problematic in some ways.

One of the most common forms of coin collecting is collecting items that are currently in circulation, which makes them less immediately linked to troubling heritages. So for example, when the United States of America issues a new quarter, they tend to be really popular if they feature a specific historical figure that means a lot to people. In fact, you can learn more online about these amazing quarters because so many of them now feature women. This makes them so much more meaningful to people who are looking to invest.

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