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PR for NFTs: How to Build a Strong Community

Strong Community

NFTs may have become the rave of the moment, but for every successful NFT project, a lot of work happens behind the scenes. 

In fact, And like every product that dominates its market, marketing is important for a blockchain project, or more precisely, NFTs. The most successful NFT projects are the projects that more than enough people know about. If nobody knows about an NFT project, there’s a high chance it’ll fail, regardless of the value or utility it promises.

So, how do you get people to know about your NFT project? Short answer: effective PR. Public relations for NFT is your best bet for communicating the NFT’s utility and value offering. And with effective PR comes a strong community of like-minded people invested into the project. A strong community keeps the conversation going for your NFT project and can even make a part of your marketing, as people who are passionate about the project talk about it for free. Let’s explore the different ways to build a strong community.

1) Teach Prospective Community Members about NFT Technology

NFTs have seen so much growth because people understand it. When building a community for your project, focus on knowledge so that everyone who might be a member knows everything about the community they’re joining. Engage with PR firms and get them to send informational featured articles out to strategic sources where NFT enthusiasts are easily found.

2) Stay in the Press

Nobody will join a community they don’t know about. What gives your community the edge to gain members is if you’re positioned to capture people’s attention. Effective PR puts details about your project and community in the press, and that way, people get engaged and curious enough to check out your offerings.

Work with PR agencies capable of featuring your project in publications that match your potential NFT consumers.

3) Work with Influencers

Even though the digital world, especially social media, is virtual, influence is a real thing there. Many people will flock towards an idea simply because their favorite celebrity or influencer is backing it. Influencers are effective at spreading word about NFTs because they have large audiences and can help get high-quality community members who are halfway convinced that your project is a viable one. If you partner with numerous influencers who fit your niche, you can potentially acquire thousands of people who will make up your community. 

4) Explore Guest Posting

Getting other websites to post your content may be a good way to give your project some traction. You can get started with this by contacting the web admins of websites in the cryptocurrency and NFT niches. Reach out to them for a collaboration and highlight the values your NFT project holds for holders. Explain why you think the platform is a good fit for your project. This way, you’ll be providing the website with free content and promoting your new project.

5) Airdrops

The promise of incentives is always a good way to get people to take action. Airdrops are a common way to promote NFT projects and prospects are usually ready to take advantage of such offerings. Offer coins or tokens to people who spread the word about your project or join the community you’re building. Active members of the blockchain community are always on the lookout to earn free cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Take advantage of this desire and promise an airdrop if they complete specific tasks. Share your website, Discord server, or Telegram channel, and draw more people to join your community.

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