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Pozalabs CEO Wongil Huh Responds to Sony Music Group’s AI Training Data Concerns

Summary: Pozalabs CEO responds to Sony Music Group’s concerns about AI training data, emphasizing its ethical practices. The company also clarifies that its proprietary dataset is created by its team of thirty in-house professional composers.

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Pozalabs, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) music generation company, has issued a statement clarifying its ethical practices. This is in response to Sony Music Group’s recent communication regarding the use of its catalogue for AI training.

Renowned for its AI music platform LAIVE, Pozalabs reaffirmed its commitment to fair AI development. The company highlighted that its music generation AI is developed exclusively using a proprietary MIDI dataset created by 30 in-house professional composers. This ensures that no external music sources are used, thereby respecting the intellectual property rights of all music industry stakeholders.

The company firmly opposes the unauthorized use of music as training data, labeling such practices as unethical and disrespectful to the creative efforts of artists and stakeholders. Pozalabs also reiterated its dedication to maintaining high ethical standards and fostering mutually beneficial relationships within the music industry.

To address concerns further, Pozalabs invited Sony Music Group representatives to visit their office in Seoul to provide a comprehensive overview of its music generation process, promoting transparency and trust between the organizations.

Read the full excerpt of the letter below.

Dear Sony Music,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing in response to your recent letter dated May 24, 2024, regarding the use of Sony Music Group’s catalog and other music legacies as training data for AI-generated music. At Pozalabs, we take this matter seriously and appreciate your concerns.

First and foremost, I would like to clarify our position and the methodology we employ in developing our music AI. Pozalabs has developed its music generation AI solely through a proprietary MIDI dataset created by our team of 30 in-house professional composers. We strictly refrain from utilizing any external music sources for the purpose of music generation. Our approach, rooted in respect for the intellectual property rights of all music industry stakeholders, music creators, and artists, has been adhered to since the company’s establishment in 2018.

We firmly oppose the unauthorized use of music as training data. Such practices are unethical and disrespectful to the creative endeavors and intellectual property of artists and stakeholders within the music industry. At Pozalabs, we are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in the use of training data and strive to foster mutually beneficial relationships with all parties involved.

We extend an invitation for you to visit our office in Seoul. During your visit, we would be more than happy to provide a comprehensive overview of our music generation process. We believe transparency is essential in building trust and understanding between our organizations.

Moreover, we are open to discussing the possibility of collaborating with Sony Music Group and its artists. Should there be interest in developing an artist-specific music generation model, we are open to co-developing such a model. We are confident that such collaborations can lead to innovative outcomes that respect the artistry and intellectual property of musicians while leveraging the power of AI.

Pozalabs is dedicated to the ethical use of training data and continuously explores ways to create partnerships with music industry stakeholders, creators, and artists. We believe in a collaborative approach that ensures the integrity and respect of all parties involved.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to discussing further how we can work together to advance the field of AI-generated music in a manner that honors the contributions and rights of artists and stakeholders.

Warm regards,

Wongil Huh

Chief Executive Officer

About Pozalabs

Pozalabs, based in Seoul, South Korea and the U.S., is a music company specializing in developing AI-driven solutions for music composition. Its flagship platform, LAIVE, enables users to create exclusive music, lyrics, and vocals through advanced AI algorithms.

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