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PowerCognito Introduces Revolutionary Conversational Business Analytics Software for Energy Professionals

Plexflo has unveiled a revolutionary conversational business analytics software – PowerCognito – specifically designed for utility and energy professionals. This new software, powered by the semantic simulation transformer – a novel work by Plexflo’s founder Sayonsom Chanda, Ph.D. – enables utility professionals to generate smart grid models and datasets for machine learning model and carry out advanced utility and city planning related data analytics without coding, using simple natural language. 

PowerCognito is essentially a ChatGPT, but designed for the power and utilities sector. It is the first of its kind conversational business analytics software that leverages natural language processing (NLP) technology to enable users to interact with their data in a more natural way. By using NLP, users are able to ask questions about their data in plain English and receive clear answers in real time. 

“This is the ChatGPT that energy professionals need. It is a state-of-the-art technology and is the first of its kind in the energy industry,” said Chanda. “It will help utilities accelerate their digital transformation and also help in quickly researching thousands of research papers to get new ideas for grid modernization.” 

The software offers several features that will help energy professionals streamline their workflow. It allows users to easily create complex smart grid models to simulate multiple scenarios, manage datasets for machine learning model training for understanding customer billing needs, load forecasting, vegetation management, and even check for standards compliance. With its intuitive user interface, it opens the door for more people with non-technical backgrounds to participate in business analytics for the company. It also dissolves data silos across large cross-functional organizations and users can quickly access all the information they need in one convenient location. 

PowerCognito’s innovative software provides a comprehensive business analytics solution that helps energy professionals better understand their data and make smarter decisions about their projects. The company is committed to helping customers achieve success through its cutting-edge technologies and solutions. 

“We are proud to introduce this revolutionary software,” said Chanda. “It provides an unprecedented level of insight into energy projects like never before.” Several organizations – government and private – are piloting the PowerCognito technology. 

“This really amplifies our productivity, and gives back time to catch up on multiple pending development projects”, said a business analyst in a city administration role in north-eastern Massachusetts. “We are able to find useful data from dead, old PDFs of risk reports and other consultants’ works. PowerCognito is making us more productive and creative as we prepare to be more climate-resilient”.

PowerCognito is open for early adopters through a waitlist:

About Plexflo: 

Plexflo is a grid analytics solution provider fo utilities to simplify, manage and streamline how engineers and planners to use diverse data sources and stitch them together for different business use cases – such as load forecasting, vegetation management or improving customer satisfaction.  

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