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Poweramp for PC – Know the Basics Features and How to set up?

Gone are days when people had to download their favorite songs to enjoy them anytime. With the technology upgrades, we were bestowed with a new invention, and music streaming platforms are one of them.

Poweramp music player is a classic for Android users which is going strong since 2010. On Google Play Store, it has received 13, 72,726 positive ratings. This oldest and most revered music player is nothing but a blessing for Android users.

What if you want to get Poweramp for PC? Can you do it?

Of, course you can. By the time you reach the end of this post, you’ll get to know more about this amazing music streaming platform and tricks to make it work for you on the PC.

Poweramp Music Player – The Maven of Music Streaming Platforms

Poweramp is a real-time example of “Old is Gold” saying as this music application for Android users is winning hearts since 2010. Here is why:

  • Pleasing and Eye-Catching Design

Look wise, the application’s recent version, i.e. Powerramp Build 905, is pretty decent and is just the apt pick for those who love a design-focused application. Not many of you know that the app features an in-built theme engine and because of this, one is going to have a superb user experience.

Some of the best free skins are also freely available with the application. Hence, you can change the background as per your wish. The updated version, Poweramp v3, goes an extra mile to render improved UI as it supports milk pre-sets and spectrum.

The wave seeks bar can be static using the Skin options. The panels, pop-ups, dialogs, menus, and many other widgets have got a new appealing look. A lock screen timer has also included in the application.

Although the latest version misses the sliding navigation option, the color theme and icons are worth checking.

  • A Whole Bunch of Features

Even after a decade, Poweramp stands peerless when it comes to features. It offers bountiful features, including:

Google Assistant support – One can speak out the title of their favorite song and search for it. No need to type it.

Lyrics support – Interested to know the lyrics of a song? Don’t worry. There is lyrics support for it in the app. There is a plug-in to support the lyrics.

Chromecast support – This music player has in-built Chromecast device support.

Lock screen – One can enjoy the timed lock screen facility within the app.

Multiple languages Support – The app is available in 29 languages and can be accessed on multiple locations effortlessly.

Customized Library – Create a customized song library and play songs directly from them.

  • Powerful Audio Engine

Poweramp has a boasting audio engine to grant a superb experience. It can play audios available in mp3, ogg, opus, FLAC, WMA, tta, mpc, alac/aac, mp4/m4a, Wav, ape, and tons of other formats. So, there is nothing to worry about.

It comes with a 10-band optimized equalizer and features robust Bass and Trebel adjustments. Stereo expansion, tempo control, reverb effects, mono mixing, and balancing are some of the other notable features that this music player offers to grant an amazing experience.

Wait! Here is more. There are multiple volume levels like 30/50/100 and one can get the audio info with in-depth details related to audio processing.

Additionally, there are high-end features like Float32 internal sample format, Float64 DSP Processing (sampling rate: 384 kHz – maximum), multiple dither option, Hi-Res Output, unique Direct Volume Control, and crossfade are here to make to your audio.

Steps to Install Poweramp Music Player for PC

To intensify the experience, one might need to use this wonderful music player on PC and this is where this part of the post one has to refer to.

It’s clear that it’s an Android app and to make it work on your desired PC, you need an emulator. The job of an emulator here is to turn your PC equipped enough to make an Android app work. It can either help you get the API of the app or run the app within the program.

NoxPlayer is one of the most-famed and notable Android emulators. Whether you need to enjoy an Android game or any other app on your PC, it will make it possible. Here are the steps of downloading Poweramp for PC, using NoxPlayer:

  1. Download NoxPlayer for PC on your device and run the software.
  2. Download the Poweramp Music Player (Trial). APK to your PC, open the APK in the NoxPlayer and install the app.
  3. If .APK file downloading seems daunting to you, connect the emulator with the Google account which you use to access the Google Play Store. Now, Google Play Store is at your service on your PC and you can download the app directly.
  4. Poweramp is all set to entertain you on your PC.

If all these steps are followed diligently, there won’t be any hassles in running Poweramp on PC.

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