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Power Up: Partnering to Unlock Your BigCommerce Store’s Max Potential

After two years of steady growth, it finally happened – my handmade jewelry BigCommerce store started going viral on Instagram. Exciting stuff, but as orders poured in, reality hit. My packed schedule barely allowed me time to craft new pieces, let alone handle website issues, marketing, and fulfillment single-handedly! You better get the best BigCommerce Partner – Podium Australia.

I realized that partnering with an ecommerce management company could take my site capabilities to the next level. But how to choose the right partner to unlock BigCommerce’s full potential while letting me focus on designs? This matchmaking process showed me exactly what to look for in an agency relationship built to skyrocket any ambitious store’s success.

Pinpoint Your Top Store Growth Priorities 

Before reaching out to agencies, I first drilled down on my biggest pain points and limitations. Where did I desperately need support to push the business further?

 For me, fulfilling mass volumes of jewelry orders took serious effort. I just couldn’t keep up long-term while also creating new jewelry collections. Marketing and customer service also felt completely overwhelming with rapid site traffic growth. 

Getting ultra clear on these weaknesses and limitations let me start targeting partners capable of tackling them. Don’t gloss over your private frustrations – they highlight exactly how a management company can pump up store potential! 

Assess Their Ecommerce Expertise 

Honestly, I got duped by slick marketing from agencies promising the world during initial calls. The brutal truth? Most had very limited commerce experience and couldn’t back up claims.

That’s when I wised up creating an evaluation checklist before signing any partnerships. I suggest scrutinizing:

– Years running BigCommerce specifically

– Average contract values

– Client vertical diversity

– In-house fulfilment and marketing teams

This filtering led me to my current partners who came stacked with decades of combined BigCommerce experience and impressive client results. Never be shy asking for hard evidence and metrics!

Align on Targeted Growth Outcomes

A vague “grow my business” goal isn’t enough for a results-driven partnership. Be very specific about tangible objectives you want an agency to achieve. Think:

– Average order value increase 

– Monthly new customer conversion rates

– Reduced product delivery times

It’s motivation for them to level up capabilities that directly accelerate store success metrics! Having clear KPIs also lets you regularly measure progress addressing weaknesses. 

My partners commit to an accountability roadmap focused on increasing Instagram traffic to our site by 15%, implementing SMS follow-up sequences for abandoned cart recovery, and expanding fulfillment operations to maintain 24-hour order processing despite surges. aligner

Evaluate Costs Against Projected ROI

Adding an agency isn’t cheap, so weighing budgets versus potential ROI is crucial before signing. Will their strategies reasonably drive enough added revenue to offset fees?

Crunch the numbers on exactly how many more customers and sales their specialities can realistically attract monthly. Confirm their reporting will validate effectiveness too!

In my case, the jewelry partner team’s conversion optimization tactics would need to generate just 20 additional $300 average-value sales monthly to be well worth proposed fees. Given proven results with other jewelers and detailed reporting, I felt fully confident in achieving fantastic ROI.

The Takeaway 

At the end of the day, the right ecommerce agency partnership has to power up your capabilities and capacities across store limitations in very measurable ways. Never settle for vague promises that don’t directly address your biggest growing pains! Stay laser focused on exactly how they will amplify strengths while you also get to focus on your true passion – creating killer product that sells itself.


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