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Power Nibbler Market Is Anticipated To Be Valued At US$ 267.5 Million By 2032

The power nibbler market, which is valued at US$ 167.8 million as of 2022, is anticipated to be valued at US$ 267.5 million by 2032 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% during the forecast period. Increasing demand for tools required for cutting metal sheets, coupled with minimum labor and many other factors are expected to drive the sales of power nibblers during the forecast period.

Power nibblers are becoming more popular because they are electrically powered, operate much more efficiently than hand nibblers, and can cut a variety of metals, including aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, etc. Furthermore, the demand for power nibblers is anticipated to rise because they are more dependable and user-friendly than hand nibblers, which operate with a lot of manual labor.

Even the statistics indicate that the market share of power nibblers will grow. Before the anticipated growth, the market’s CAGR was 4%, but it has now increased to 4.8% for the forecast period.

The cutting capabilities of the power nibblers range from 8 gauge to 18 gauge, and they are available in a variety of capacities. Power nibbler demand is anticipated to rise as a result of the variety of options they offer. The amount of construction work being done has increased. Power nibbler sales are anticipated to increase as a result because they are used to install metal fittings in buildings. Power nibblers are also employed in the development of siding, façade, and roof components.

Growing construction projects would result in an upgrade of the current infrastructure and rapid urbanization, expanding the potential applications for power snatchers. It is anticipated that this will increase power nibbler adoption.

North America, which currently has a market share of 24%, is expected to be one of the most significant regions for the power nibbler market. Increased construction work, along with the rapid development in technology is expected to increase the power nibbler market in North America.

Key Players:

  • Robert Bosch Tool Corporation
  • TRUMPF Group
  • Milwaukee Tool.
  • Makita
  • C & E. Fein GmbH
  • Fein Power Tools India Private Limited.

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