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Potty Training Your Puppy At Home Using The Right Crate


If you are a pet parent, you must potty train puppies at the right time and place to ensure a happy life together. One of the biggest problems new pet parents face is house soiling, which is why most dogs later end up in shelters. Very few homeowners have the patience to put up with a puppy or a dog that soils rugs and the floor or leaves a foul mess that you need to clean up after you return from work.

  • Find the right crate for your dog 

According to H.K. Dog Training experts, you must conduct preliminary research before potty training a puppy or dog at home. You should determine what works best for your situation and create a plan to make it simple for both of you.

  • Invest in a good-quality crate for your dog

It would help if you chose a comfortable and durable crate for your dog. It should also be flexible enough to keep at home. If you have a dog or a puppy that likes to sleep with the lights off, you can buy airline or kennel crates with an enclosure. Wire crates also work best for dogs, but ensure that their size is manageable for your dog. If you purchase a large crate, you can buy dividers and place them inside the crate to give your dog more room to move around comfortably.

  • Have a relaxed mindset

The more your dog associates with the house, the more they will enjoy staying there. For example, if you put the puppy or dog inside the cage during playtime, they would want to come outside and play. When you place your dog inside the crate when calm, they will perceive it as a place to sleep and rest. Begin by bringing the dog inside the crate for 10 minutes and gradually increase the time.

  • Dog beds can make your pet comfortable

Place towels or dog beds inside the cage to create a comfortable environment. It is a trial and errorprocess, as you must determine what works best for your dog. Your dog has a personality, and all dogs are not the same. Your dog might become hyper and tear the dog bed it uses for peeing apart. So, observe the behavior of your dog and place a mat instead. Most dogs like to sleep on hard surfaces.

  • Treat your dog after they enter the house

Remember to treat your dog after they enter the crate. Keep an eye on your dog first and ensure they get out for play and food. Take your dog out for a walk after every meal, as they generally do not like to sleep on the places they soil.

Last but not least, play with your dog inside the crate; for instance, you can hide treats in it for the dog to find. In short, your dog should see the house as an enjoyable place to be.

Always remember that pets are very observant. And they can sense how you treat them.

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