Pottageofhealth Launches Health News App Sets to be the Premier Health News and Content Brand In Africa

Pottageofhealth Launches Health News App Sets to be the Premier Health News and Content Brand In Africa

Abuja, Nigeria – Pottageofhealth one of Africa’s finest health news and media brands has launched its mobile application for Android and iOS on the Google and Apple App stores respectively.

As countries in Africa continue to grapple with poor numbers in several areas of assessment in their health sectors, and governments, local and international nongovernmental organisations and philanthropists continue to make financial commitments towards reviving this sector, new media in the region are required to rise up to the occasion of better informing and educating its people on all things health and wellness.

Sub-Saharan Africa remains the poorest-performing region of the world in health outcomes, assessments, indicators, and metrics. It has the lowest life expectancy at birth of 61 years, about 10 years lower than the global average [1], the highest under-five mortality rate in the world [2], and over 400 million people in the region not having access to health care [3].

In Nigeria, the massive brain drain bedevilling the country’s health sector as health workers continue to leave the country in droves negatively impacts the ease of access to health information, advice, and guidance from health/medical practitioners, as a result, leaving its citizenry most of whom live in extreme poverty to consume and rely on the information available on the internet, websites, social networks.

Pottageofhealth was launched with a vision to contribute to and improve the quality of health news, content, and information available to people in the region. The platform currently covers health news in Nigeria, health-related content and related niches such as food, Nigerian recipes, beauty, skincare, home, garden, and kitchen.

The media brand sees the release of its mobile news app as just the beginning of its investment in mobile health technology, although just a news app, the brand plans to transform it into platforms that would promote/facilitate better and easier access to health/medical practitioners in various fields for Nigerians and subSaharan Africans.





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