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Portuguese Books that inspired my life

01- Quando te Vejo

The story begins with Joel, and he is afraid of the future, however, this fear was not born because of an event or a trauma. Joel is not a normal person, he, since childhood, has the power to dream about the future of the people he loves. Often these dreams are happy and present a happy ending for these people, however, sometimes they present horrible and tragic endings for the people involved. 

Therefore, Joel decides not to get intimately close to anyone so as not to despair about the person’s future. However, a twist of fate makes him meet a person who will change his life forever.

That person is Callie who, because she can’t get over the death of her friend, can’t get out of the past, so she can’t go back to being the cheerful and fun person she was before.

The two meet and find everything they needed in each other. How will this story turn out? Read the book, Quando te Vejo,  When I See You, and find out for yourself.

02- É assim que acaba by Colleen Hoover

É assim que acaba, written by Collen Hoover presents the story of a woman named Lily Bloom who had to live with an abusive father who often assaulted her mother. Until Lily becomes an adult, she always questions why her mother was still in the relationship.

 A few years later, Lily is now a successful woman with a degree in marketing, so she moves to Boston and opens a flower shop. There she meets Ryle Kincaid, a neurosurgery chairman, and the two end up dating and getting married. However, not everything can go right in Collen Hoover’s books. Lily meets someone again wh w`o reminds her of her past. With that, several things start to happen in Lily’s life, causing the same things she criticized in her mother for not knowing what to do, ends up happening to her too. 

The sensitive themes that the story addresses are written in a way that is loyal to reality by the author, so I advise you to prepare your heart when reading the book.

03- O poder do agora by Eckhart Tolle

Often we human beings spend a lot of time remembering past mistakes, things we should and should not have done, and fail to look forward and get on with our lives. Eckhart Tolle, the author of several works on enlightenment and spiritual power, understands this very well. He has been through difficult times, but instead of dwelling on the past, postponing missions and responsibilities, he managed to move forward with his life and continue his journey. Eckhart has great knowledge about the soul and the spiritual enlightenment that can be attained by all of us. Through this spiritual enlightenment.

the author believes that anyone can achieve happiness and live in the present. The author has then created a manual to guide the reader interested in enlightening their spirit to move on from the traumatic memories of the past and finally look forward to the hopeful future.

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