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Portable Steam Cleaner for home use arriving to USA

Steam cleaning is becoming more popular among home users due to the advantages of this method when compared with conventional cleaning methods. In addition to superior performance, steam cleaning offers home users a safer, more environmentally friendly way to clean than conventional cleaning methods, which employ harsh chemical detergents that can cause harm to people and the natural environment

The increasing consumer awareness of the advantages of steam cleaning is reflected in the rapid growth in the steam cleaner market. According to Research and Markets, the global steam cleaner market is forecast to grow at a rate of roughly 6% per year,  with US consumers responsible for more than a third of global sales in steam cleaner devices. 

There are a wide range of portable steam cleaner options available to US consumers. The technology is evolving rapidly, with the capabilities of portable steam cleaners becoming more advanced every year. Home users now have access to portable steam cleaners that are far more powerful, efficient, and easy to use than earlier generations of the technology. 

Image courtesy of Fortador

One example of the evolution and advanced capabilities of portable steam cleaning devices is

Fortador USA’s new portable steam cleaner that is being introduced to the US in November 2021. The powerful new Fortador Volt MINI portable steam cleaner is aimed at both commercial and home users, and is set to push the boundaries of performance and ecological sustainability in the industry. 

Fortador is an internationally leading producer of steam cleaners for multiple applications from car washing to commercial kitchen and office cleaning. The company was established in 2012, and has been providing high performance steam cleaning products in the USA since 2016. In addition to the USA, Fortador has sales and service offices in nine other countries around the world. 

Fortador’s portable steam cleaners are assembled by hand in Europe, and are among the most technologically advanced and powerful on the market. The  R&D and Production Departments at Fortador have created cutting edge 5th Generation steam cleaners. Fortador’s steam cleaners are manufactured in exclusive cooperation with Lamborghini, and are powered by Lamborghini’s Caroclima diesel hybrid burner technology. Since the start of the COVID pandemic and the resulting disruptions to markets and supply chains, Fortador chose to open a separate production facility in Italy to manufacture its latest products, which are smaller, but just as powerful and effective.

Fortador’s new portable steam cleaner: effective, efficient, and ecologically sustainable 

Fortador’s new Volt MINI portable steam cleaner offers unparalleled cleaning performance to home users in the USA, while doing so in a way that is safe and environmentally responsible.

Highest performance steam cleaning technology

The performance of Fortador’s portable steam cleaner is vastly superior to conventional cleaning technologies, which can often be laborious, time-consuming, and ineffective. The device has 120V of power, and produces strong jets of high temperature steam, enabling faster, deeper, and more gentle cleaning than is possible with water and detergents, which are considerably less efficient and effective, as well as being significantly more rough and abrasive. The Volt MINI only weighs 16.5 pounds, making it very light and maneuverable, especially for such a powerful steam cleaning machine. 

Environmentally responsible car and home cleaning 

Fortador’s new portable steam cleaner is a safe, environmentally friendly cleaning option, enabling home users to keep their vehicles, kitchens and bathrooms clean and well-maintained, without harming themselves or the environment. 

While conventional cleaning approaches tend to use large amounts of water, Fortador’s new steam cleaner reduces water consumption dramatically, and only requires negligible amounts of water to produce its high performance cleaning action. 

 Another important advantage of Fortador’s portable steam cleaner is that it doesn’t rely on  harsh, potentially toxic detergents like conventional cleaning methods. Fortador offers innovative, eco-friendly nano detergents that can be used in conjunction with its portable steam cleaner, enabling effective deep cleaning and sanitization without posing the risk of harming peoples’ health, or polluting local water systems.

Professional steam cleaning power for home users  

Fortador’s new portable steam cleaner is easy to use, making professional quality cleaning accessible and convenient for home users. With Fortador’sVolt MINI portable steam cleaner, home users can, for instance, significantly enhance the aesthetic quality of their vehicles at their own convenience. At the same time, and just as importantly, Fortador’s portable steam cleaning makes it possible for home users to maintain and provide effective protection to their cars. In this way, Fortador’s new steam cleaner can help home users to keep their cars in better condition for longer. 

Fortador’s Volt MINI portable steam cleaner also gives home users in the USA the ability to keep their homes clean and thoroughly disinfected. The product is designed with a variety of adjustable and extendable nozzle accessories that make it easy to clean anything from large, flat open spaces (like floors), right down to tiny, hard-to-reach grooves and crevices. In addition to its practical design and ease of use, the engine power of Fortador’s portable steam cleaner, and the sanitizing effect of its high temperature steam can enable home users to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for themselves and their families.

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