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Popular Trends across the IT Robotic Automation Market

As technology spreads its wings, many sectors are embracing automation to uncomplicate tedious and repetitive tasks. It is enabling many individuals to focus on productive tasks. Automation hit the IT sector when it was in its infancy, and the rest is history. Automation forms a large part of the IT sector, and novel technologies are serving as its foundation.

IT robotic automation is one of the prominent aspects that has gained immense popularity recently. Thus, the IT robotic automation market is estimated to attain tremendous growth based on the popularity quotient.

IT robotic automation is the process that enables companies to automate many mundane tasks that are repetitive and tedious for a human. For instance, finding an invoice dating last year from the data is time-consuming and hectic for a human, but IT robotic automation can help in efficiently completing these tasks. Therefore, these benefits help in increasing the growth rate of the IT robotic automation market.

IT robotic automation is undoubtedly getting a lot of attention, with emerging startups accelerating the growth of the market. While it may seem that the IT robotic automation achieved overnight success with a sudden increase in demand last year, it has been around for a while and was creating quite a buzz.

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A Gartner report points out that robotic process automation in IT is one of the rapidly expanding software segments in the last two years. The report said that the robotic process automation sector grew at more than 60 percent compared to the overall enterprise software market expanding at just 13 percent. These statistics highlight the growing influence of IT robotic automation across the horizon.

Here are some latest trends that will shape the growth of the IT robotic automation market in the coming years.

Connected Ecosystems

Organizations are increasing their focus on creating ecosystems of applications, services, and technologies to offer their teams access to a plethora of templates, pre-built connectors, and a network of services. Integrated intelligent automation platforms are boosting digital transformation to a great extent, and this factor will have a large impact on the IT robotic automation market.

Citizen Developers

Citizen developers are users from a non-technical background who develop simple automation for themselves and their departments. These developers have a crucial role in scaling technologies within organizations. They do not code or develop but find many ways to automate daily processes and tasks. They have an essential role in the growth trajectory of the IT robotic automation market.

Business Workflows Designed in Tandem with IT Robotic Automation

Organizations and businesses are increasing their benefit quotient by blending complementary technologies with IT robotic automation, such as document intelligence and process orchestration. Hence, these factors sow the seeds of growth across the IT robotic automation market.

 Permanent Shift to IT Robotic Automation

The post-pandemic will see a partial permanent remote work culture. Recognizing the permanent shift in work culture, companies are making fundamental changes in terms of running their businesses. Deploying remote employees to run routine processes is suboptimal. Hence, a permanent shift to IT robotic automation is expected to turn the tables of growth.

Recent Investments

Investments have a pivotal role in the growth of the IT robotic automation market. Investments enable the players to expand and upgrade technologies which eventually increase the revenues. Investors are focusing extensively on this field due to high-level projections. Some of the major investments are as follows:

  • Electroneek, a leading IT robotic automation platform, bagged US$ 20 mn in Series A funding.
  • Rocketbot, a Chilean startup, raised an investment of US$ 2.1 mn in the recently conducted funding round.

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