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The Most Popular Fintech Group in London

Over the years financial technology has acquired wide experience in addressing technology and business challenges and has continued to develop and provide a broad range of solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of customers.   There are many fintech groups in London that have been founded to support the fintech industry. The most popular among them is Tech London Advocates.

 Tech London Advocates is a group of more than 3,300 individuals from the tech sector who are committed to advocating London’s potential as an outstanding hub for tech and digital business. The group strives to support high-growth business and tech startups in London in finding new talent and new investment.

 The group consists of established digital giants, technology entrepreneurs, government figures and journalists. It also has overseas advocates from 20 countries across the world.

 The group was launched by Russ Shaw, who spends most of his time growing the network. According to Shaw, the network is more skewed towards angels, startups, and entrepreneurs, but he intends to bring many corporates into the group, even though the group also has Amazon, IBM, Cisco and Morgan Stanely on its book.

Russ is a venture and angel investor and non-executive director of several high growth businesses including Dialog, AIM listed Cupid plc, and Unwire. He is also advisors to and investors in Amazing Media Group and a limited partner in Ariadne Capital’s ACE Fund. Russ Shaw is also a board member of the Tech City Advisory Group.

 Advocates range from small startups to large corporates, including CEOs of Barclays  and Talk Talk, as well as venture capitalists, angel investors, headhunters and private equities.

 If you sign up to become an advocate, the group asks only one thing: When a fellow advocates request to be connected to any person, your response should be yes; if you can’t help, direct him/her to someone who can.”

 In addition to this minimum networking requirement, an advocate can decide to get involved in several working groups in the Tech London Advocates.

 London Advocate membership is open to all people, and the group does not have the membership or joining fees, but Advocates invite Advocates. To Join the group, you will be introduced to Russ Shaw (either in person or via email), by a current Advocate. Then, Russ will explain the goals, purpose and various elements of Tech London Advocates– such as the Working Groups, Home Office Hours, and Triage

 Once you join the group, you will become an Advocate. This will entitle you to access the network of more than 1200 existing Advocates, participate in working groups and attend the group’s events. You will also have a listing on the Tech London Advocates website.

 There is no minimum engagement or time commitment needed to being an Advocate; you can engage and participate in the group as much or as little as you like. However, there are three tasks of each Advocate: to be ‘on message’ about the tech sector, help expand Tech London Advocate and adopt the ethos of assisting one another for the ‘greater good’

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