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Popular Big Data Companies That Best Suit Your Needs

The size of the big data analytics industry continues to increase every year as information pours in from wireless sensors, digital platforms, billions of mobile phones and virtual-reality applications. With the increasing number of big data companies and many companies using Big Data analytics reports, adapting to an age of data-driven decision making is not a simple proposition. However, some of the following big data companies may help you to revolutionize the way you do business:

1) Nutonian

The company focuses on machine intelligence that creates analytical models. The creation of analytical model requires a combination of statistics, programming and domain expertise. If done by humans, the process would take long and be open to human error and bias.

One of Nutonian’s products is Eureqa, a proprietary artificial intelligence powered modelling engine that leverages automated evolutionary algorithms to churn through data creating accurate predictive models in seconds. Current modeling techniques such as K Nearest Neighbor and Support Vector Machine require you to choose from a set number of predetermined algorithms. However, Eureqa builds numeric, time series as well as classification models from the ground up, thus generating and updating models automatically.

2) Modern Analytics

Modern Analytics is one of the industry leaders that quickly provides solutions using data processing automation, predictive modeling, and advanced forecasting. These solutions help the users increase business productivity and growth.

The company has a predictive data modelling software known as Model Factory that uses unique algorithms and business processes to gather and analyze raw data fast and without your intervention.

3) Prime Technology Group

The company focuses on providing global insurers with solutions that transform operational efficiencies by use of proprietary analytics. To achieve this purpose, the company warehouses insurance data that comprise analysis templates and design models that enhance both quality and quantity of data gathered across multiple business functions. Insurance companies can successfully rely on prime technology solutions to conduct their businesses more profitably.

4) Tableau

Tableau spun out as a research project at the Stanford University. It started by offering visualization techniques for analyzing and exploring relational databases as well as data cubes. Currently, it has expanded and offers Big Data research and visualization of data from a variety of sources including Hadoop and Excel files. It is compatible with most devices such as desktops, laptops. and iPhones.

5) Teradata

Teradata has developed a number of Big Data apps forming a portfolio, namely Unified Data Architecture, comprising of Teradata Listener, Teradata QueryGrid, Teradata Viewpoint and Teradata Unity. Teradata QueryGrid offers a seamless data fabric across both new and existing analytic engines such as Hadoop. On the other hand, Teradata Listener is primarily used by organizations that have multiple data streams. Teradata Unity is basically a portfolio of four integrated products that manage data flow throughout the process. On its part, Viewpoint is a custom Web-based dashboard of tools that help in the management of the Teradata environment.

6) IBM

IBM has a subsidiary, softlayer, that offers cloud services for massive compute scale. It has three main database software; DB2, InfoSphere and Infomix that support big data analytics. IBM also has cognos and SPSS analytics software that offer BI and data insight. It is significant to point out that InfoSphere is a basic platform for warehousing and integration of data for use in big data analytics.

 These Big Data companies specifically deal with a certain kind of data, say, insurance or banking while others deal with a wide variety. This depends on the kind of software and the warehoused data.  Depending on the kind of data that you deal with in your business, you are now able to know the company or software that will best suit your needs. Find other Big Data Analytics companies near you on Tech Directory.

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