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Pop Idols Who Have Encountered Ghosts

We all love exciting and thrilling horror movies and dramas. But when it happens in real life, it’s scarier than you think. There are many idols who have experienced something paranormal but here are some K-Pop idols who have encountered with ghosts.


Henry once said that he really doesn’t believe in paranormal stuffs until he experienced it himself. He said that he bought a new apartment, and in the first night he slept in there. He felt like someone was staring at him, and we opened his eyes, he saw a ghost standing next to him.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Lisa

BLACKPINK went to “102.7 KIIS FM”, there they revealed that they’ve encountered ghosts in their dorm. Lisa was sleeping alone when she heard a noise in their wardrobe. After this, she said that someone went near her and laughed at her. Lisa returned to Thailand and brought the story to a psychic, the psychic said that there was a ghost living inside the wardrobe. They decided to move out of the dorm after this.

Jisoo also told her story. She said that in YG Entertainment’s practice room, there’s a locker where idols put their clothes and belongings. After putting all her belongings into the locker, Jisoo started practicing in front of a large mirror. After practicing, she went to the locker and saw a white hand lying in there. Jisoo was scared and ran out of the room.


BIGBANG’s T.O.P said that while him and the other members were in the living room getting ready to record their show “BIGBANG TV”. His laptop in the bedroom suddenly played music on it’s own. What’s scary is that T.O.P turned off his laptop and nobody went in or out the room.

SHINee’s Onew, Minho, and Taemin

Onew and Minho returned to their dorm early, so they were the ones in the dorm. Onew went for a shower but he forgot to bring a towel. So he called Minho for help, and then he saw Minho walking from the living room to the living room. So he taught that Minho went to get him a towel, but no one came back. Onew called Minho again but he came from the bedroom. Minho said that he just heard Onew because he was also taking a shower.

Taemin went to the practice room one night, when he suddenly heard piano sounds from a different practice room. He thought that someone was practicing so he went to the room. But when he opened the door, nobody was there. He started running away while the piano sounds starts getting louder and louder.


Solar was sleeping late at night when she saw Hwasa, she asked “What are you doing there Hwasa? Hurry up and shower.” What makes this scary is that Hwasa was in her hometown Jeonju, while the other members were busy with their schedules, so she was alone that time.

Information about Hwasa;

T-ara’s Jiyeon

While filming for their horror movie “Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp”, Jiyeon and other actors were acting in a scene when the director suddenly said “Cut!”. So everyone stopped, then the director angrily asked why did they stop. Jiyeon said that she was just following his instruction, but the director said that he didn’t say anything.

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