$POODL Token takes the real world, virtual world and augmented reality to help create the “Omniverse”

Assuming you do not live under a rock, you have probably heard of NFTs. Over the past few years, these innovative, immutable, and utility-based tokens have continued to attract more attention from investors and celebrities than ever before, making them a valuable asset to hold. Their popularity and relevance is still skyrocketing thanks to the introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) NFTs.

Poodl is among the latest projects to delve into the new technology of AR NFTs. As one of the oldest meme-coin cryptos, Poodl consists of several cutting-edge initiatives that aid in developing its use cases and utilities. One of the most remarkable use cases is its AR NFT app and online platform, which takes the entire world of NFT to a new level.

About $POODL 

$POODL is a BEP-20, self-LP, and deflationary token that began as a meme coin over a year ago. Since that time the team at POODL have worked tirelessly to evolve the token into a real project with cutting edge utilities. One of them being augmented reality. 

POODL has a strong community and was able to launch the token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network in early 2021 and find new utilities and use cases, making $POODL one of the greatest success stories in the alt coin space. One of these use cases is the development of 3D NFTs and their use of augmented reality technology through an application and online platform. The project consists of $POODL AR pets, a vast collection of one-of-a-kind 3D NFTs that are fully compatible with the project’s AR App and web based system.

How Does $POODL 3D NFTs Work?

Upon purchasing the 3D NFTs, users can put them to work in the real world through either the App, or the cross platform web based portal. Soon to be used in novel gaming models. Owners also benefit by earning residual income when others use their 3D NFTs in these games from POODL while maintaining ownership. POODL AR NFTs are already in two metaverse projects, where you become your NFT in game.

Each 3D NFT is unique with its own distinct set of features and accessories. They are fun to play with and provide owners with a stable source of revenue. So, if you want to be an owner of one of the NFTs that will welcome NFT 2.0 technology that will be scalable, usable, pinnable, placeable, movable, and viewable in the real world, you should definitely invest in $POODL 3D NFTs. By combining real world use, metaverse integration and gaming? POODL are pioneers of what they term “The Omniverse”

About $POODL AR Augmented Reality 

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, the $POODL AR augmented reality platform allows owners to view their 3D NFTs through their cameras and phones or even pin them on any real-world location. The App is already available on Google Play, and its iOS version is still in development but is soon to be launched. 

The POODL Augmented Reality app brings to life the 3D NFTs bought from POODL Token. Whether placing the NFTs over the whitehouse, recording them via your device, or taking shots of them doing the silliest things, it is all possible through this application. It quickly identifies flat surfaces to enable users to pan, place, pin, move, and scale models conveniently. 

How to Use the $POODL Augmented Reality App

As the 3D NFTs continue to get updates, buyers will be able to assign their own NFTs. You can purchase $POODL 3D NFTs in its OpenSea collection of $POODL AR Pets. Features like interaction and automation will be added to the NFTs through upcoming updates. 

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use the AR App:

  • After downloading the App from Google Play, start it to find the user interface page
  • You will find a Plus (+) button, which opens a drawer that allows you to choose your preferred NFT
  • There is also a Minus (-) button that allows you to remove any pinned NFT
  • Once you choose an NFT, position your device camera over a surface and make it steady until you see some dots showing the surface
  • Clicking on the dots pins the NFT to the selected surface
  • To move the pinned 3D NFT, place your finger over the NFT and move it to where you want
  • To rotate the pinned 3D NFT, place two fingers on the NFT, then twist them
  • By placing two fingers on the pinned 3D NFT and pinching it, you can scale it

The web based platform is device agnostic, meaning it works across iOS and Android. YOU can test these NFTs in augmented reality now. 

Simply click this link from your cellphone:  OR for a different NFT

Final Thoughts

It is clear that NFTs are here to stay. If you want to invest in the future of NFTs and hop on the trend of AR NFT gaming, take advantage of $POODL AR Pets and its incredible AR technology as it is on a mission to change NFT and the opportunities available to NFT owners! By buying the POODL Token itself, investors have the chance to reap the rewards that this new technology will bring.

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