Polygon (MATIC) And HEX (HEX) Losing Out Money While Tradecurve Amasses Big Presale Investment

Polygon (MATIC) And HEX (HEX)

There is an immense buzz around the presale of Tradecurve. Soon after entering the arena, the project has become the most sought-after and profitable investment option due to its enormous growth potential. 

The project is expected to raise a record-breaking $20 million during its presale. Thus, even holders of Polygon (MATIC) and HEX (HEX) have started shedding their tokens to invest in TCRV for better gains.


Polygon (MATIC) Proposes A Major Network Update

Polygon (MATIC) has been rolling out new updates to maintain its growth momentum amid prevailing market uncertainties. Last week, Polygon (MATIC) launched its Version 2, and has now proposed to upgrade its proof-of-stake chain to zkEVM validium. 

This would help Polygon (MATIC) introduce a first-of-a-kind decentralized Layer-2 secured by zk-knowledge proofs. 

Analysts believe that the upgrade will make the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain more efficient and secure, attracting more users to it. Reportedly, the proposal is already live on the governance forum of Polygon (MATIC) for preliminary support. 

Meanwhile, the trading price of Polygon (MATIC) has suffered a blow of 18% in the past month. Consequently, Polygon (MATIC) now trades at $0.69.

HEX (HEX) Investors Leaving Project

The utter failure of PulseChain and PulseX, the latest project launched by the HEX network founder, Richard Heart, has caused a steep sell-off of HEX tokens too. The selling pressure on HEX (HEX) has caused its value to drop by 99% from its all-time high of $0.56. Many investors have dubbed the HEX (HEX) founder’s new projects as a Ponzi scheme. 

This has significantly eroded investors’ trust in HEX (HEX), who are leaving the project in large numbers. 

Subsequently, the market value of HEX (HEX) has plunged by 69% in the past month. Currently, HEX (HEX) is trading at $0.0088. Since the daily active users count on the HEX (HEX) network has plummeted, experts believe that its value is likely to tumble further.

Tradecurve For 10000% Gains In 2023

According to a research report, decentralized exchanges’ growth rate in the first quarter of 2023 was 33.4%, while this number was just 16.9% for centralized exchanges. The main reason behind this trend is the growing unpopularity of centralized exchanges. 

First, the collapse of the FTX and Bittrex exchanges hurt traders’ trust. Now, the ongoing fiasco around Binance and Coinbase has shaken investors’ trust in the exchanges. Therefore, when a new decentralized exchange, Tradecurve, entered the market, it became the favorite among the traders.

It is a Web3-powered exchange that helps people trade different assets with a single account. On this platform, no KYC procedure has been incorporated, and DeFi capabilities have been implemented to protect users’ privacy. On the contrary, exchanges like KuCoin and OKX require traders to submit critical information during sign-up.

The platform utilizes the proof-of-reserves mechanism, and has planned to establish a Metaverse Trading Academy. There will also be a VIP account service on the platform, which users can avail using their TCRV tokens. The fourth stage of the presale is live, and selling out fast. 

A token is now available for $0.018. Experts have forecasted the token’s value to jump by at least 50 times during the presale, and early investors can receive a 100x  by the year’s end.

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