Polygon killer Pandoshi, Raises Over $1.7M in Just Two Weeks

In a big show of trust from investors, Pandoshi (PAMBO) has quickly raised $1.7 million in just two weeks. This makes it a strong challenger to well-known names like Polygon (MATIC) in the crypto world. This success shows that the idea behind Pandoshi is strong and that it’s becoming more important in the world of DeFi (Decentralized Finance).

Polygon (MATIC)

Once known as Matic Network, Polygon has risen to prominence in the DeFi arena. It began as a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum but has since expanded into a comprehensive ecosystem that caters to developers and users. Polygon’s main goal is to solve Ethereum’s scalability challenges, offering speedier, more affordable transactions while maintaining compatibility with Ethereum’s smart contracts.

Polygon is home to a rich array of decentralized applications and DeFi projects, enhancing its long-term viability and attractiveness. The platform is dedicated to user-friendliness, striving to simplify DeFi for a broader range of users, from developers to casual participants.

Pandoshi (PAMBO)

Pandoshi is heavily influenced by Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision for blockchain, focusing on decentralization, privacy, and empowering users financially. It’s a project led by its community, giving control back to its members. Pandoshi is building a diverse ecosystem, which includes the Pandoshi Chain, Pandoshi Swap, and Pandoshi Wallet, all designed to maximize the potential of DeFi.

Within the Pandoshi ecosystem, several features stand out. It uses a Layer-2 Network based on Proof of Stake, a more environmentally friendly choice compared to traditional Proof of Work methods. The platform includes a decentralized exchange, a secure wallet that users control, games in the metaverse, educational programs, and cryptocurrency prepaid cards without the need for KYC.

At the heart of Pandoshi is its native token, PAMBO, first introduced on the Ethereum blockchain. PAMBO is set up to be deflationary, using a method that buys and then permanently removes tokens from circulation, making them rarer over time.

The design of Pandoshi’s tokenomics aims to offer returns similar to top meme coins by capitalizing on the unique aspects of its ecosystem. PAMBO starts with a relatively small market cap, suggesting substantial room for growth with minimal initial buying pressure. Its rarity is also expected to grow thanks to an ongoing buy-and-burn policy.

Pandoshi has introduced a total of 2 billion PAMBO tokens into circulation, with half reserved for the presale phase. The remaining tokens are split among providing liquidity on decentralized and centralized exchanges and a Bonus program.

As of now, during its third phase, the price of a PAMBO token is $0.006. This is anticipated to increase to $0.008 in the forthcoming phase and then to $0.01 in the final phase. The presale is divided into five stages, with the price of the token incrementally rising at each stage.

  • Phase 1: $0.002 per token
  • Phase 2: $0.004 per token
  • Phase 3: $0.006 per token
  • Phase 4: $0.008 per token
  • Final Phase: $0.01 per token

The project is garnering considerable attention within the cryptocurrency community and is regarded as one of the most promising presales underway. This heightened interest suggests that the initial token sale could be in high demand and may sell out rapidly. Consequently, individuals who miss the initial opportunity to purchase tokens may turn to exchanges to acquire PAMBO after the private sale, driving up the token’s price.

Pandoshi announced on Twitter that they are ahead of their schedule, preparing to release the beta version of the Pandoshi Wallet earlier than anticipated. This important progress, happening during the ongoing presale, is set to boost user access as it becomes available on both Android and iOS platforms, which may increase interest in the presale.

Pandoshi distinguishes itself with its emphasis on practicality and user benefits, positioning it as a strong candidate among the best cheap crypto available today.


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