Polixetonium chloride (An overview )

The growth of chemical industries is increasing with new advanced research and modern techniques. The chemical industries are concerned with manufacturing pure and original substances. The chemicals produced by these industries are used for making several products like:- medicines, plastics, rubber, fertilizers, soap, oils, detergents, etc. 

What is Polixetonium Chloride? 

A weakly basic compound used in various water bodies and household areas. The different names of the compound are 

dimethyl ammonium, dimethylammonium; chloride. 

CHEBI:180200. The molecular weight of Polixetonium chloride is 218.38. Tetraethylammonium ions are utilized in organic chemical synthesis. It is very useful in cleaning swimming pools and various other water bodies. 

Features of Polixetonium Chloride

  •  The chemical name of the compound is CAS#31512-74-0.
  • The density of the compound is (20 oC) g/cm3 1.12 – 1.17
  • It appears like an Amber liquid. 
  • The concentration capacity of this compound is  % 60 Min(PH(10% water solution) 5.0 – 7.0
  • It is compatible with various other chemicals. 
  • It can be used in pools treated with chlorine chemicals, and the use of it may also reduce the amount of these chemicals normally required.
  • It is also effective in the acidic and alkaline ranges. 

Uses of the chemical compound 

Polixetonium Chloride is used in many areas like 

  • It is used in residential as well as public areas. 
  • It is also used in ponds, rivers, swimming pools, fountains, etc. 
  • It is used in freshwater supplies for commercial and industrial supplies. 
  • It is also used in the production of industrial items such as metals 
  • It controls the growth of algae in swimming. 
  • Polixetonium Chloride is also used to control metalworking liquids. 
  • Also useful in air washer water systems for controlling unwanted bacteria.
  • It protects your fire and water systems. The chemical controls microorganisms that cause corrosion in fire water. 

Effects of Polixetonium Chloride 

The most common effects of this chemical are skin irritation or burning, rash, itching, and skin redness. Small children’s exposure to this is very high. The children face breathing problems. In some cases, headache is also learned after inhalation exposure. The chemical if put in your eyes by mistake can lead to blurred vision, edema, irritation around the eyes, etc. If it is not used properly it can also burn your skin. Before using you should wear proper gloves and take safety measures. 


Polixetonium chloride relates to the category of organic compounds which are also known as tetraalkylammonium salts. These are organonitrogen compounds that contain ammonium salt which is rearranged with four alkyl chains. Polixetonium chloride is a weakly basic compound. You can easily dilute it in water. 

CAS 31512-74-0 Polixetonium chloride

The color of CAS 31512-74-0 is pale yellow thick. The molecular weight of the compound is 259.219. The viscosity is 

1.52 at 20 °C. It is an indirect food additive: It helps in pulp paper and paperboard components. Polixetonium chloride is a medium for acute morbidness to the oral, dermal, and inhalation routes of exposure 

Polixetonium chloride is a quaternary ammonium salt. It is completely soluble in water. The compound is less hygienic for plants and animals. It doesn’t harm them. The microorganisms present in the water bodies are destroyed by this chemical. 

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