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Political Consultant Chris Lehane Switches To OpenAI

Chris Lehane, a veteran political adviser, is nearing completion of an agreement to join OpenAI, according to a report by the Information. 

TakeAway Points:

  • Chris Lehane, a well known politician, seeks to join OpenAI.
  • Lehane expressed concern that the SEC was not handling the sector “in a way that is actually compatible with American culture.
  • Also, the House of Representatives AI task group plans to hold hearings in order to release a regulatory framework for artificial intelligence within the year.

Chris Lehane to Join OpenAI

The report stated that Lehane has been in close collaboration for more than a year with Sam Altman, CEO OpenAI highlighting his significant role in determining the strategic direction of the organisation.

However, sources warn that despite the negotiations’ progress, a final agreement has not yet been reached and that there may still be obstacles.

Lehane serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for Kathryn Haun’s cryptocurrency investment company, Huan Ventures, at the moment. Prior to that, Haun was the Department of Justice’s Digital Currency Coordinator and oversaw Andreessen Horowitz’s bitcoin investment activities.

In his role at Huan Ventures, Lehane stated that the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) reaction to cryptocurrency was “over their skis” and worried that they were not treating the industry “in a way that is really consistent with the American tradition.” 

His expected entry into OpenAI coincides with increased scrutiny of OpenAI in the wake of Elon Musk’s recent lawsuit, which claimed that the startup had strayed from its founding goal of emphasising AI development for the good of society.

Lehane’s alleged agreement with OpenAI occurs at a time when politicians and authorities are paying close attention to the company. According to a story published by Fox News today, the House of Representatives AI task group plans to hold hearings in order to “release a report that defines a regulatory framework for artificial intelligence before the end of this year.”

Previous Wins

Prior to working in the artificial intelligence or cryptocurrency industries, Lehane was a well-connected politician who collaborated with a range of lawmakers. During one of these encounters, he assisted Bill Clinton in handling his presidential controversies; as a result, Republican political strategist Karl Rove called him “one of the Democratic Party’s top opposition researchers.” 

Lehane’s possible move to OpenAI from his position as chief strategy officer of venture capital firm Haun Ventures, which focuses on cryptocurrencies, represents a strategic change for both Lehane and OpenAI. His vast background in navigating intricate regulatory environments and spearheading legislative campaigns is consistent with OpenAI’s mission to use AI in an ethical and responsible manner.

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