PokeMine is the Latest Pokemon-themed GameFi Project in the Metaverse

PokeMine the Newest GameFi Metaverse

In traditional gaming platforms, as we know it, games have had no direct connection to finance, and players have had no dealings with investors. With methods like play2earn, GameFi has now established connections between the duo, offering a whole new industry segment.

PokeMine is a new Pokémon-themed action card mobile game. It’s the first Pokémon mobile game where users may evolve and customize the look of elves on their own. The entire game retains the depths of the Pokémon universe by including a range of rich gameplay elements such as the old Pokémon gacha system, Pokémon cultivation, checkpoint battles, Z move, Pokémon dispatch (mining), and more. Budokan, Invasion of Mythical Beasts, Daily Trail, Team Hunting, Battle Tower, Champions Road, Budokan Battle, Quartz Assembly, Alliance War, Cross-server PK, and a slew of additional gameplay modes are also available.

PokeMine’s NFT Mechanism: Taking a Closer Look!

Pokemine has developed a unique NFT system that will allow a user’s NFT to become more than simply a work of art, but also a tool for creating game characters. Pokemon NFTs come in four distinct colors in PokeMine, with red being the most powerful, followed by orange, purple, and finally blue. Pokemon with higher levels of power are uncommon.

PVE may be used to enhance NFTs, and equipment can be used to enhance Pokemon. The game’s equipment may boost a Pokemon’s fighting strength, dispatch speed, and other stats. PokeMine has a lot of cool features, and when the official version becomes available, additional in-depth tutorials will be available to assist players to navigate through the gameplay.


A Detailed X-Ray Of The Pokemon’s Gaming Model

Pokemon Exploration: Players may explore the levels to earn rewards and raise their Pokemon’s level. Higher levels, better traits, and stronger skills increase the value of the user’s Pokemon.

PokeMine Gameplay Map

Pokemon Dispatch: Dispatching allows players to earn a lot of cash.  The greater the quality of the Pokemon, the longer the dispatch period, and the more valuable the prizes, such as diamonds. Depending on the actual profit, using the ‘limit Pokemon Dispatch’ option will also double the revenue.

Every dispatch line is responsible for its own dispatch time, and every dispatch queue gets four hours of free dispatch time each day. Using the “Time aquatic” item created by [Exploration Level], you may extend any dispatch queue’s available time on the same day.

Furthermore, the “limited Pokemon” technique and sending “limited Pokemon” can provide this dispatch queue a percentage of dispatch value benefit. The rise is proportional to the quality of qualified Pokemon.

PokeMine Leveling up to the Adventure

Exploring level and Adventure level: Adventure points and exploration points demand stamina, as such it’s ideal to save your stamina for the early parts of the game to level up your team, unlock new features, and then strengthen your entire Pokemon with proper experience level-up. Players must enhance Pikachu in order to get to multi-adventure levels. Each stage consumes diamonds. The quantity consumed increases as the level progresses.

Changeable Combat Strategies: The existing types of Pokemon are split into the attack, heal, skill, and defense, and each Pokemon can play according to its positioning attributes, making the whole game experience a battle of wits and courage.

Cultivate Pokemons: Several skills may be used in the game to make you invincible, as well as to raise the level of Pokemons, stars, skill levels, and more so that the Pokemons can continue to evolve, allowing players to create their own unique and strong Pokemon from the ground up.

Equipment: Armor for elves may be upgraded to improve stats. The player’s aim is to equip appropriate Pokemons with armor attributes.

Pokemon Center (Gacha Center): The Gacha System at the Pokemon Center is the primary method for players to collect Pokemon and Pokemon shards. By consuming diamonds or props, the Pokemon are chosen at random. There are also some rare Pokemon hiding within it, which might lead to more surprising results.

Pokemon Social Interaction: The integrated gaming environment may also be utilized for real-time engagement, efficient data interaction, and processing capabilities, allowing all users’ data to be shown in real-time. Users may communicate with other participants in the “world” at any moment, providing an immersive experience.

Steps to get started with playing Pokemine:

  1. Players can get started by registering an account on, then connect their wallets and e-mails.
  2. Sign in on the official website, to quickly download the game.

Impact of NFT and How It’s Disrupting The Global Gaming Industry

NFTs have greater real-world utility besides the usual gameplay. NFT merchandise in games aren’t only items sold on NFT platforms; they may also trade directly on marketplaces, making the exchange of collectibles incredibly easier than in traditional games.

GameFi is one of the tools that can assist users to better comprehend how the Metaverse operates. While it began in the game industry, it will have a significant influence on more facets of human society in the future, such as finance and socialization. The worldwide gaming market is expected to generate $175.8 billion in earnings by 2021. This revenue is estimated to shoot up to more than $200 billion by 2023. GameFi is currently in its early stages of development and has a lot of room for growth.

The combination of NFT and GameFi has had a significant influence on gaming, and it will continue to have micro and macro impacts on business models as well as virtual asset ownership rights. PokeMine is without a doubt the resurrection of the Pokemon universe in the real world, thanks to the coming together of Pokemon and GameFi.

PokeMine’s Funding Success and NFT Deployment

On December 16th, 2021, PokeMine officially went live. Following the completion of its first round of $5 million investment on November 16, 2021, additional functionalities have been added one by one in phases. Blockchain Ventures, GMC, Hayek Capital, YIBI Exchange, YSL Capital, HKD.COM, NKCCapital, and others were among the first investors to graced the initial fundraising round of Pokemine. The funds will reportedly go into Pokemon’s technical development, team building, as well as worldwide expansion.

PokeMine NFTs are now available on Heco-chain and Binance Smart Chain, both of which follow the ERC-721 token standard. NFTs and PokeMine Diamonds ($PMD) are the two types of assets found in PokeMine. Users may buy PokeMine NFTs on Treasureland, as well as $PMD via MDEX and ButterSwap, and then use PMD to receive Pokemon NFTs from the game’s Pokemon Center.

PokeMine is looking at expanding its ecosystem and community through an influencer program and has issued an official statement in this regard. The proposed influencer program is designed to allow influencers to join and receive a big amount of benefits. Influencers must promote Pokemine on all social channels, including Telegram, Discord, and Twitter.

PokeMine Seeing Influencers

Pokemine is on Track to Become a Benchmark for GameFi Offering

Pokemine has become a high-profile GameFi project because of its many gaming settings and interesting gameplay. Both in the PvE and future PVP scenarios, there are several ways and approaches to explore. A better strategy plan will not only make the game more enjoyable for the player but will also enhance the return on investment. PokeMine is one of the leading offerings in this industry in terms of game quality and tokenomics.

In the future, no Deme games will be available through centralized service clients like Amazon. The DEME mainnet node, which is totally decentralized, will host all Deme games. This is unarguably Deme’s major edge over other platforms.

A Dive Into The Metaverse

Deme will use Metaverse in the future to power additional Web 3.0 apps in the near future. It will also enable cross-chain bridges, multi-chain wallets, NFT trading marketplaces, and Defi assembly kits in the meanwhile. Deme also organizes Metaverse’s utilities, assists users in creating decentralized identities, and makes it simple to manage Token and NFT assets.

The decentralized infrastructure will also let users access a variety of encrypted applications, as well as create SocialDAO blocks, open up encrypted application communities, and provide decentralized governance. Deme will create a highly decentralized Metaverse platform, allowing every gaming and crypto fan to see the world in a new light.

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