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5 WooCommerce Plugins That Will Help You Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest issues faced by store owners. According to research from the Baymard Institute, 69.82% of online shopping carts are abandoned.

The huge number shows the seriousness of the matter, but it also opens doors for opportunities. That is where you can take the lead and move ahead of the race by using a Cart Abandonment plugin. 

Recovering those lost carts can give you an edge over competitors who might need to consider cart recovery strategies. Below are some of the best options out there that you should consider. 

Top Plugins to Reduce Cart Abandonment – 2024

Below are five useful WooCommerce cart recovery plugins to recover lost carts:

  1. Woocommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery
  2. Woocommerce Pending Order Survey Email
  3. CartBounty
  4. HubSpot for WooCommerce
  5. Retainful

Now, we will explore each plugin with its detailed features, one by one. 

1.Woocommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

Price: $6.58/month, $79/ year

Recover abandoned carts by sending follow-up emails to your customers. Create multiple email templates and schedule them to be sent as desired. Track carts, view detailed email logs, pre-capture user emails, and more. 

You can pre-capture user emails using a modal popup so both logged-in and not logged-in customers can be emailed as needed.


  • Complete cart abandonment recovery system
  • Automatic follow-up emails 
  • Customizable coupons
  • Unsubscribe option for customers
  • Option to turn off abandoned cart tracking and emails by user roles 
  • Cart recovery for logged-in and not-logged-in users

The WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery offers a detailed performance dashboard, allowing you to keep track of abandoned carts and recovery details for the last 30 days.

The detailed dashboard contains a cart recovery performance graph, recovered vs abandoned carts, quantity chart for recovered vs abandoned carts, carts and orders amount report, etc. 

About email management, you can create and store multiple email templates to send, either manually or by scheduling them to be sent automatically. On top of that, you can offer discounts to lost customers with customizable coupons. 

Additionally, the Plugin also allows you to keep a log of all abandoned cart emails, making it easier to track all of the outgoing emails.

2.Woocommerce Pending Order Survey Email

Price: $4.08/month, $49/year

Send personalized surveys and follow-up emails to recover lost carts with the Woocommerce Pending Order Survey Email plugin. 

Add coupons and order links to notify customers of pending orders and view detailed stats in one dashboard.

The plugin helps to recover lost orders, engage customers, and optimize your sales. 


  • Create multiple surveys to be emailed to users with pending orders
  • Add multiple emails for users regarding pending orders
  • Mark the orders as “Pending” after a certain time limit 

WooCommerce Pending Order Survey Emails allows you to efficiently manage pending orders by scheduling automated emails that notify customers about their incomplete purchases. This plugin allows you to customize these emails, providing valuable information such as order links, personalized coupons, and a survey to gather insights. 

Create and manage multiple surveys tailored to different customer segments. The plugin also enables you to customize sender names and reply-to options.

By integrating surveys and coupons directly into personalized emails, you enhance the customer experience and increase the likelihood of order recovery. 

Additionally, you can use coupons to offer incentives to customers and set the coupon value and validity period as needed. 

The plugin lets you track the status of pending and recovered orders through a centralized log, where you can see the order IDs, order total, status, and time limits. You have the option to edit pending orders directly from the log and gain a comprehensive overview of your store’s performance. 


Price: Free (open source)

CartBounty helps to save abandoned carts by sending effective abandoned cart reminder messages to lost customers. 

With thoughtful user experience, built-in efficiency tools, and the ability to integrate with other systems, CartBounty is a powerful addition to your marketing game.


  • View shopping carts in real-time
  • Save abandoned carts 
  • Actions and filters for advanced configuration
  • Analyze the most popular cart items
  • View anonymous carts
  • Get notified about newly abandoned carts
  • Prevent bots from leaving abandoned carts 

Save your time with automated abandoned cart recovery and send abandoned cart reminders using the mail server and abandoned cart email series using ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, and MailChimp.

Use web push notifications to send real-time personal and efficient reminders and use webhook to send abandoned cart data and create powerful automation. 

Generate and send unique coupon codes and track message open and click-through rates. Exclude specific products or product categories from entering the abandoned cart status. 

Reduce checkout abandonment with the built-in “Remember checkout fields” feature and use the Exit Intent popup to minimize cart abandonment. 

4.HubSpot for WooCommerce

Price: Free (open source)

The MWB HubSpot WooCommerce Integration plugin is the easiest way to integrate your store with HubSpot. 


  • Sync your store data to HubSpot
  • Track and recover customers’ abandoned carts
  • Map WooCommerce order statuses to the HubSpot deal stages 
  • Create and send emails to your leads and customers

Create insightful reports of your customers, and easily sync your old and new WooCommerce store data with HubSpot. 

Build segmented lists in HubSpot for abandoned carts, leads, customers, and more.

Select any pipeline of your CRM and map your WooCommerce order statuses. On top of that build attractive, responsive emails and personalize them based on your customers with drag and drop email builder. 

Use the built-in analytics to make it easy to understand which sales and marketing efforts are most successful and which are not. 


Price: Free (open source)

Retainful automates your email campaigns, increases sales, and grows your business. 


  • Abandoned cart recovery emails
  • Order follow-up emails
  • Thank you emails with the next order coupon 
  • Referral/refer-a-friend campaign 

In addition to email marketing, the plugin also offers tools to convert visitors into customers, reducing cart abandonment. Use exit popups to stop browse abandonment with an offer or capture email address. 

Let Retainful automatically generate and send coupon codes in your cart recovery emails, and customize emails with the drag-and-drop email editor. 

The plugin captures the email address as soon as a customer enters it at the checkout step. Guest checkout is also supported. 

With referral marketing, you can email the unique referral link as soon as the customer makes a purchase.

Retainful can help you drive repeat purchases by sending dynamically generated, single-use, unique coupon codes with short validity to motivate customers to complete the purchase. You can also set an expiry/validity date for the next order coupon. 


1.Does WooCommerce have abandoned cart recovery?

Yes, WooCommerce offers features to recover abandoned carts. There are plenty of plugins, including Woocommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery and Pending Order Survey Email by Addify.

2.How do I recover an abandoned cart?

You can recover an abandoned cart by sending follow-up emails to customers or by offering discounts and incentives. There are plenty of cart recovery plugins you can use for this purpose.

3.Can you see abandoned carts in WooCommerce?

Yes, you can see abandoned carts in WooCommerce by default, but it is a tedious process. Using a cart recovery plugin is an easier way to view abandoned carts in a simplified dashboard with many other details. 

4.Which are some of the best woocommerce abandoned cart plugins?

There are plenty of, Woocommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery plugins are available . But some populars option include Woocommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery plugin and Survey Email by Addify

5.How to send abandoned cart recovery messages?

You can utilize an abandoned cart recovery plugin to send messages to abandoned cart owners. These plugins allow email customization, and you can send emails both manually and automatically. 


So that was our list of some of the best cart abandonment plugins that can help you revive lost sales. 

Each of the above plugins serves to reduce lost sales in different ways, and depending on your store needs, you should pick the one that aligns more with your goals.

We recommend you check out each of the above plugins and review the features before making a decision


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