Cryptocurrency Genesis Universe (ILO) Share 10,000,,000 P2E Tokens

PLS2E.IO -The best GameFi infrastructure platform(DEX+NFT+GAMEPAD) on Binance Smart Chain and put forward the concept of Earn As A Service (EAAS).


The DeFi trend swept the entire industry in 2020 and develop strongly in 2021. Besides, the changes in the overall staking volume in the DeFi market can directly reflect the development of the DeFi market. The total staking value of DeFi has reached 100 billion U.S. dollars at its peak until 2021 august.

Among them, the three that were once independent-DeFi, NFT, and Game, set off a wave of “financial gamification”, namely GameFi. Players started from “play to enjoy” to “play to earn”. In the game, players can incubate, upgrade, fight monsters, and synthesize assets. Not only can they experience the joy of playing the game, but they can also get token rewards. According to the latest data, the total market value of “Play-to-Earn” tokens broke through 11 billion U.S. dollars, setting new highs in history.


Earn As A Service

PLS2E.IO is willing to use EAAS services and other functions to create a set of standard smart contracts that include gameplay, token economic models, technical specifications, and marketing strategies to help GameFi fans build product rules and regulations in order to promot the further prosperity of the entire GameFi ecosystem.

As a trader and player

In the P2E universe, owning a NFT-2E card you can not only use it as a digital art, making money from mining, a game item, enter VIP chat groups and future offline activities but also unlock exclusive souvenirs. Whether it is a direct airdrop of or a reward after completing a specific task, PLS2E.IO can create a strong community for the game industry and Fans, and make a whole new experience for both parties.

As a project team

In order to create a P2E universe through a cyclical incentive mechanism. We will offer the service to expand the token economic model through the Dex development platform “private domain traffic” to provide support plans, data interfaces, token transactions, IDO, liquidity, mining services, alliance marketing, etc. for the GameFi project.

P2E Genesis Universe (ILO) Launched Soon

PLS2E.IO will be launched on Binance Smart Chain BSC in the near future, and at the same time it will be launched with the “P2E Genesis Universe” to share 10,000,000 P2E tokens. The purpose of the ILO event is to provide the first batch of users who understand and support the vision and development of PLS2E.IO with a free opportunity to obtain P2E tokens.

The duration of P2E Genesis Universe Activities (ILO) activities is 48 hours. During these 48 hours, users can refer to the ILO area of ​​PLS2E.IO. Create and deposit liquidity in BTC-USDT, ETH-USDT, and other currencies.

At the end of the P2E Genesis Universe Activities (ILO) event, all participating users will equally share 1% of the total amount of P2E tokens. That is, a total amount of 10,000,000 P2E tokens, as a reward for participation. If the current market price of P2E tokens at that time was 0.5 US dollars each, the corresponding share reward will be as high as 5,000,000 USDT, which was released to your wallet daily through the squid protocol.

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