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Plenty Of Excitement As AIO Gets Ready For Launch On April 7th

Cryptocurrencies have become exceedingly popular, with a wide range of crypto exchanges publicly available today. With that in mind, users can trade a variety of digital assets on AIO Exchange, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and 4,000 others, thereby making AIO the largest public CEX.

Users are welcomed into this impressive platform which offers one-click trading across over 16 top crypto exchanges with a dashboard which shows the current market prices for multiple cryptocurrencies, in addition to a variety of trading tools and resources, when they visit the site.

What makes AIO Exchange so special?

Typically, exchanges have differing prices, fees and blockchains accessible to their users, which makes it difficult and overwhelming to properly navigate through all of the various features. More importantly, there isn’t a public solution at the moment which enables users to successfully trade on other CEXs at ease. This is where AIO comes into play, as the award winning exchange re-defines orders by enabling users to deposit, trade, and withdraw to the best exchange with a single click. The exchange provides a detailed breakdown of the estimated cost, including deposit-withdrawal chains and settlement times. Moreover, its algorithm considers exchange processing time and advanced users can even tailor their quote to execute on a single or multiple exchanges.

Additionally, users can track their orders until they are completed. There is also no need to log in to individual exchanges or deal with any kind of email approvals, as the entire transaction and ordering procedure will be handled by AIO. Lastly, the total fees consist of the corresponding exchange  deposit, withdrawal, and an AIO fee.

What does AIO Exchange offer?

AIO Exchange, also known as the ‘Exchange Built On Other Exchanges,’ is a one-stop exchange solution with connectivity to over 16 exchanges. Users can choose from a variety of liquid exchanges to use, or if they desire, the system can choose the best price from among them all. Other useful features include combining orderbook, transaction, exchange, and blockchain data on a single platform for maximum flexibility, accessibility, and convenience.

One of AIO Exchange’s most notable features is its advanced trading interface, which offers customers an array of useful tools to assist them in making informed trading decisions. The cutting-edge platform includes charting tools, price information, and much more. Besides that, AIO Exchange allows users to create custom trading pairs, giving them greater control and flexibility over their trades.

In addition , AIO Exchange enables many arbitrage choices in the markets. Essentially, this refers to the action of buying and selling the same asset on two different exchanges to make a return via the price difference. With AIO, users can connect up to 16+ top exchanges which makes it a highly effective tool for people to arbitrage in just a single click, making it both highly accessible and convenient.

The AIO Exchange Token

Users who own AIO Exchange tokens effectively own a portion of AIO Exchange, entitling them to a portion of all transaction and withdrawal fees. In the fourth quarter of 2023, instant settlement orders will power high-reward staking and other benefits.

AIO Exchange tokens serve as the exchange’s backbone, directly supporting the world’s most diverse exchange platform. The ecosystem requires AIO to fund transactions through the cheapest of the platform’s 16+ exchanges. Elsewhere, withdrawal fees and transactions account for 90% of AIO Token profit distribution. The remaining 10% will be used to cover operating expenses. Note, the minimum amount required to receive the profit distribution is 100 AIO tokens. This is to ensure that the transaction fee processing is worthwhile, and to encourage the minimum holding.

AIO Exchange tokens are also Solana-based (SPL), allowing for lightning-fast transactions and maximum ecosystem flexibility. The tokens have a fixed supply of 100 million, but the team intends to distribute more tokens on other blockchains in the future to address some of Solana’s flaws and integrate new features. This will be accomplished through a 1:1 burn:mint ratio, which will ensure that the fixed supply of AIO tokens across all blockchains remains at 100 million.

What else does AIO Exchange offer?

To enable low-cost, high-speed transactions and thousands of tokens, AIO Exchange operates on a variety of blockchains. It supports multi-chain tokens, which means that a token does not have to be exchanged on its own network. In fact, AIO allows for multi-chain transactions. Also, to further minimize transaction speeds, AIO hosts dedicated infrastructure and full-nodes for the more congested blockchains (including Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, and Litecoin).

For API users and those who make frequent withdrawals, the AIO Exchange Wallet offers low and competitive transaction fees, making it a viable option. It also offers quick transaction speeds, which are essential for regular traders, arbitrageurs, and merchants.

AIO Exchange uses dedicated node infrastructure and proprietary technology to provide quick total settlement times at a low cost. It is also very secure because, unlike the vast majority of exchanges, AIO does not have a single private key for any two (or more) of its wallets, which means the exchange does not share keys for any transactions which are not securely encrypted and compiled in code. This also means that even if one wallet key is compromised, none of the others would be affected.

About AIO Exchange

AIO Exchange is a product and trading name of Edward Sharp and Co Limited CR-381861, which is registered under the Company Register Act in the Cayman Islands and the United Kingdom. The team has been silently developing the project for 2 years. The website is user-friendly, with a clean and modern interface that’s simple to navigate.

Aside from the services listed above, AIO is the inaugural crypto exchange platform to offer crypto-dividends directly to users’ cold wallets. It is also the world’s first public platform which aggregates this many exchanges. For comparison, Fireblocks offers similar tools but is limited and not public. 

In addition to earning USDT profits from the exchange, users can also earn fiat currency profits from the exchange. Furthermore, the AIO Exchange API should be utilized because of its capabilities linked with connectivity, power, abstraction, and dedicated blockchain RPC nodes.

The all-encompassing exchange pays out frequent, timely dividends and the payouts can also be obtained on a weekly basis. Users can also see a detailed breakdown of when they will receive their tokens and the minimum payouts through the website. Lastly, profits from the exchange are distributed directly to AIO Token holders in proportion to their ownership of the total supply.

For more information and regular updates, visit the official website, roadmap, and the Instagram, Telegram, and Twitter channels.

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